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What sets the ‘Real Deal Media’ brand apart from the rest of the networks? 
it's RDM's Original Cover Art or as we call it.. Artography. 

It’s easy to do an online show with the press of the GO LIVE button . It's Not Easy getting the word out and building an audience. Catchy video titles can be helpful, yes, but it’s usually the optics that have the most impact affecting choice. Thus the importance of inviting and distinctive ‘Thumbnail’ graphics designed to captivate curiosity and generate interest.
That was the thinking that drove RDM's Dean Ryan to create daily art covers to brand each episode, but also to re-hash the Love he had for Art and 'Mad' Magazines while growing up. 

It’s those extra layers of creativity and attention to detail that truly sets ‘Real Deal Media’ apart, and it’s also the inspiration that activated this entire ‘Artography’ display in our own special showroom.

Gallery: Gallery
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