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A quick guide to the "brics" Alliance

by DurtyQ (12/11/22)


By now, most of us have heard of BRICS. - Brazil, Russia, India, China and Oh Um What's the S? oh yeah Saudi Arabia right? No. that would be South Africa. Not Saudi Arabia. Luckily, DQ is here to give you the run down on exactly who BRICS are, what their intent is, and the reality of BRICS on todays global stage.

What is BRIC?

BRIC was a formation of four countries that formed an Alliance around 2001. Jim O'Neil of Goldman Sachs predicted in 2001 that this group "will collectively dominate the global economy by 2050". And it was then that the four countries were labelled BRIC by Jim O'Neil.

All four of these countries are among the 10 largest countries by population, area and GDP. Since 2009 they have become more and more cohesive with their Inter-Governmental relations focusing on Non interference, Equality and MUTUAL BENEFIT.

A New Ally

For a new country to join BRIC all four members must agree. That happened in 2010 when South Africa was welcomed on board. BRICS was born. However, South Africa is clearly the poor cousin with its GDP dwarfed by its new brethren.

Allies and Enemies

This is BRICS

From 1997 (2 years before Putin) to 2014, Russia was a member of the 'Group of 8' (G8). When Russia exited, it became the G7. This is the G7 below.

All of the G7 Countries and All of the BRICS Countries are in the G20. the G20 encompasses countries from all around the globe.

At this point we need to remind ourselves the the Global financial system has been centered around the Petro-Dollar and the United states has pretty much been dictating who gets what, with the threat of removing their U.S dollars from any Country that doesn't play the game.


Current Leaders of BRICS



The Reign of Putin

Putin rose to power in 1999 as Prime Minister and held office for a year. he then took the office of President from 2000-2008. he resumed his office of Prime Minister at that point and stayed there until 2012. Putin has been in power since 1999. Two years following the formation of BRICS.

The BRICS Development Bank

The BRICS Development Bank was created between the 5 countries by them all chipping in $10 Bn. (50Bn for Billy in the back) This will be increased over time to $100Bn They now have Authorized lending Capacity of $34Bn and invest in Infrastructure Projects. Bangladesh, Egypt, United Arab Emirates University (EAEU) and Uruguay have also joined the BRICS Development Bank.

Contingency Reserve Arrangement

Established in 2015, the Contingency Reserve Arrangement provides protection for member countries against global financial challenges. We have all seen countries around the world get hit hard over the past few years and some monetary systems simply have not made it. More are expected over the coming months and years to succumb to global financial pressure. The Contingency Reserve Arrangement has been labelled a strong competitor for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In The Pipeline

Also in 2015 (7 years ago), consultation started on a new payment system. this system would bypass the current Globally accepted SWIFT system allowing payments to be made between Governments for imports etc. Fast forward to Today, there is a 'Common Payment Card' being used by members including BRICS and EAEU. That whole rabbit hole can be found below for extra credit. This card comes with impeccable timing when you consider world trade in energy right now. (See > Universal Payment System)


Further down this pipeline, we find the BRICS Cable.

Born from the loins of the NSA's spying on all financial data flowing through the area, in 2012, planning started on a new Optical Fiber Sub-marine Communications Cable. This will be a system of private communication cable that will enable the members of BRICS to communicate freely and securely despite their adversaries record of deception.. (G7)

In Summary

The above demonstrates that BRICS is a direct threat to the current Petro-dollar global system. Economies are collapsing while others prosper and the west is currently fanning the flames of a war that is making BRICS rich! And, while the west is sanctioning Russia, they don't even seem to notice that all these countries are being forced to use the BRICS financial system to purchase oil and gas from Russia. Oh the irony of it all. Now, we see the United Emirates taking interest in this new venture and that could be a boost that sends this whole package called BRICS, into the New Bi-Polar World Order.

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