Americas Most Dangerous Stalker - Vetta Marie Thompson

by RDM Staff

This deranged woman with the help of David "Guru" & Melinda Graham is currently after every Real Deal Media cast member and viewer. She claimed to be a whistleblower in 2021 to grab the attention of RDM in hopes of getting close to each and everyone one on the team, especially Dean Ryan.

Vetta Thompson, who has a long criminal history of kidnapping, alcoholism, stalking and mental illness, to name but a few is now showing her true objective, "Taking Down Real Deal Media".

This woman, with the help of other known adversaries, is responsible for the censorship of RDM shows and viewer comments. Alongside multiple sock puppet accounts on Facebook and YouTube, Vetta Thompson has dedicated every hour of her being to create Public Pages & Groups on Facebook with the objective to defame Dean Ryan, Lisa Duthie & other castmates as well as slandering RDM Viewers by posting their photos as well.

-More to come on this developing story regarding America's Most Dangerous Stalker The Following pictorial timeline will show the crimes of the self-proclaimed "Game Master".

The "Game Master"

Vetta Thompson's taunting of Dean Ryan (October 6th 2021)
The last correspondence she had before Doxxing Dean Ryan owner of Real Deal Media (March 28th 2022)
Vetta Thompson's never ending messages to Dean Ryan marriage proposals - psycho-babble - Bathroom selfies

Bathroom selfies sent to dean ryan


DAVID 'Guru' Graham encouraging Vetta Thompson aka thompson marie to take out rdm

Vetta Thompson - comes clean - APRIL 2022


Vetta Thompson's Nephew Vinny Thompson reveals insight into his troubled aunt's mental state