Americas Most Dangerous Stalker - Vetta Marie Thompson

by RDM Staff

This deranged woman with the help of David "Guru" & Melinda Graham is currently after every Real Deal Media cast member and viewer. She claimed to be a whistleblower in 2021 to grab the attention of RDM in hopes of getting close to each and everyone one on the team, especially Dean Ryan.

Vetta Thompson, who has a long criminal history of kidnapping, alcoholism, stalking and mental illness, to name but a few is now showing her true objective, "Taking Down Real Deal Media".

This woman, with the help of other known adversaries, is responsible for the censorship of RDM shows and viewer comments. Alongside multiple sock puppet accounts on Facebook and YouTube, Vetta Thompson has dedicated every hour of her being to create Public Pages & Groups on Facebook with the objective to defame Dean Ryan, Lisa Duthie & other castmates as well as slandering RDM Viewers by posting their photos as well.

-More to come on this developing story regarding America's Most Dangerous Stalker The Following pictorial timeline will show the crimes of the self-proclaimed "Game Master".

The "Game Master"

Vetta Thompson's taunting of Dean Ryan (October 6th 2021)
The last correspondence she had before Doxxing Dean Ryan owner of Real Deal Media (March 28th 2022)
Vetta Thompson's never ending messages to Dean Ryan marriage proposals - psycho-babble - Bathroom selfies

Bathroom selfies sent to dean ryan


DAVID 'Guru' Graham encouraging Vetta Thompson aka thompson marie to take out rdm

Vetta Thompson - comes clean - APRIL 2022


Vetta Thompson's Nephew Vinny Thompson reveals insight into his troubled aunt's mental state

An Open Letter to Vetta Marie Thompson,


We are writing you here for two reasons - Firstly because we blocked your multiple sock puppet accounts in 2021 when your crazy behavior began and you were writing RDM pretending to be multiple family members, claiming you had killed yourself. (before you unfortunately rose from the dead in March 2022 to plague the lives of everyone here) And secondly because if we post it on Facebook you and your merry band of sock puppets will just have it removed by mass reporting it.

Firstly, as you know on Wednesday the 27th of April you joined Dean, Lisa, Jamie, Danielle & JS Pop backstage in Streamyard after a show and you were a sobbing drunk mess full of apologies for the crazy lies you had been posting about all of us over the internet. (your words not ours)

During this conversation you told us multiple times you were sorry and claimed that Elizabeth Corneau & David and Melinda Graham were directing you on what to say and do in order to attack and take down Real Deal Media. You claimed you had changed your mind because you had seen evidence that the Australians were involved in a pedophile ring and had thus realized the error of your ways. (Disclaimer: RDM cannot confirm nor deny the validity of Vetta claims about the Australians being involved in pedophile rings, these are not our words or thoughts we are just repeating her statement made to us as to why she had changed her mind; albeit temporarily)

Because of your obsession with Dean it was decided it was not appropriate for him to mediate the situation with you thus Detective Cagney was appointed a moderator between you and RDM & here is the email you sent Detective Cagney after that Streamyard conversation..

You even sent us screenshots of David & Melinda directing you what to do; here's a sample of what you provided us...

During this conversation you promised to remove all of the lies you had posted on their command and in return we told you that as a gesture of goodwill we would then remove the section about you in Deception, Hypocrisy & Lies and would also not go forward with the legal action against you which was already scheduled to do the following Wednesday when Lisa & Jamie spoke to a Detective with the Metropolitan Police in the UK.

You failed to do anything that you said you would and have instead amped up your delusional allegations and quite frankly vile allegations all over your pages and groups. At this stage this is not Elizabeth Corneau, David Graham or Melinda Graham who is responsible Vetta, YOU are wholly responsible for your own behavior and crimes.

We as a staff have not visited your crazy page, and frankly nor do we care to, but we have a large loyal audience who frequently send us screenshots of the bizarre rants you post on there, all of which were handed over to the police on Wednesday the 4th May (and continue to be) A FULL WEEK after you promised to remove your delusional page (which is a 2 second task) so we were more than generous with the time given, especially so given the case that you managed to go on their every day during that week and continue to post your delusions.

Also FYI the UK police have confirmed you are indeed committing at least one crime, Malicious Communication, RDM has a crime number and we now will be coordinating with the police in the United States to get you held accountable for that crime and any others that you commit every time you go on social media and start typing your disgusting delusions. (The police are watching and collecting every post as evidence)

We do not know you Vetta, and nor do we care to, you obviously have some serious mental health problems and paranoia issues and require immediate help, We could almost pity you for that if you weren’t being such a malicious, delusional twisted drunk and stalking the hell out of us and our audience.

This craziness with you all started because YOU decided Real Deal Media crushed your story, Yet YOU have admitted that was false multiple times now and said Real Deal Media was NEVER doing your story.

Here's just one example (of many) from text messages you sent Dean Ryan on April 1st - in case you have forgot because you are clearly confused on this issue...

We ALL know what this is really about; it is your unrelenting obsession with Dean Ryan, this became very evident that for a few days after the conversation on the 27th of April it became apparent that you were not going to do any of the things you promised and were only obsessively focused on having conversations with Dean in Streamyard - therefore Dean blocked you because he was not willing to do this… and bang on cue you began posting your delusions AGAIN, and again claiming that the photoshopped nude of Dean you are posting online is real, which we all know is a both a lie and hugely creepy that you would even create such a thing. It's sick.

Nobody is after you Vetta,

Nobody is stalking you Vetta,

And quite frankly nobody cares about you, we ALL just want you to go away.

Spoiler alert YOU are the stalker, go and get yourself the help you desperately require, instead of spending your life meticulously watching RDM videos looking for the perfect millisecond to take a screenshot of us to share on your little page so you can call us Demons whilst continuously posting your fairytales all over social media.

If we are that evil simply stop watching our shows and get on with whatever semblance of a life you have left after you have accused anyone and everyone you ever come into contact with of all sorts, even your own family are not safe, Like accusing your own Nephew of murdering his father.

And PLEASE stop hiding behind God & Jesus, pretending to be religious does not give you a free for all card to say and do whatever you damn like and put peoples life’s in danger from any other mentally disturbed individuals who may stumble across your delusional little page. There is absolutely nothing godly about your abhorrent, twisted behavior.

Anyone with 2 eyes in their head and 2 braincells in their skull to rub together going to your page can see that you are clearly suffering from severe psychiatric issues, the whole page is just one massive contradiction, you fail on every level to keep your never ending stream of lies straight.

This is what happens when you lie Vetta, you have to remember your lies, your stories change by the hour, and your screenshots, which you keep referring to as your "evidence" is only evidence of your severe psychiatric issues. There is ZERO evidence on your page just a jumble of crazy nonsensical drivel.

You also accuse Dean & Lisa of creating a twitter page about you that was created in 2019 - as per your own screenshots (RDM had no clue this page even existed until YOU posted about it) this doesn't make any sense Vetta, Real Deal Media did not exist until March 2020 and we had no idea you even existed back in 2019, yet you are posting all over the internet that we are doing this.


Honestly, we can understand why your behavior towards people would cause them to create accounts to warn others about you, like this person on twitter has obviously done, because your behavior towards us OVER NOTHING is nothing short of psychotic at this point - but we are not time travelers Vetta, we cannot go back in time and create social media accounts about you, this is probably one of the past victims of your craziness.

Nor are we Psychic and somehow miraculously foretold your delusional entrance into our lives. We cannot even begin to fathom how many victims you have left in your wake over the years.

All the while you have been creating fake account after fake account telling people that you are the one being stalked when it is in fact YOU who is the stalker.

Who was stalking you in 2016 Vetta - are you going to blame us for that too???