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by DurtyQ (1/23/23)

The Story So Far

If you scroll down a little in the menu of articles here at Real Deal Media, you will find an article that explains the basics of the BRICS trade Bloc and the significance of this relatively new Alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is a union where all members put in equal amounts, and in return have the financial and political support of one another. they have rules of admission to the Bloc whereby all members must agree before any other country is admitted.

The Importance of Brazil

Brazil is a very important part of the BRICS formation and a very prominent player in the global arena. Brazil has a huge population, minerals, and most importantly a veto vote when it comes to other countries joining the BRICS alliance.

We are faced with a global war at the moment. Not just between good and evil, but a financial, informational and fifth generational war. much of this fifth generational war is fought without the populace understanding of events. we are kept in the dark with regard to the geo-political events unfolding around us because it is in the interest of our enemy that we dont see their motives and therefore continue to see Putin, Xi Ping, Bolsinaro and our beloved President Trump as bad and the puppets that have been installed, as the heroes of the world here to put a stop to these 'Terrorists' of the world.

BRICS Expansion

To understand just how important BRICS is in this war, and the importance of Brazil in this equation, we must first understand the current systems in place and the relationships between countries that have shaped how our world is run currently.

I tried to create a Venne diagram to show these relationships but simply gave up in the end. It is probably easier to explain these relationships here in words.

There are currently five members of BRICS. We are due this year to have a meeting of the group to decide on the membership of several other countries that have made formal application to join. As well, there are a group of countries that attended their last meeting by invitation and have expressed their own interest in joining this collaborative Bloc of countries.

The Countries that have made formal application are; Algeria, Argentina and Iran. The countries expressing interest and providing proposals at the last meeting are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Afghanistan. Indonesia is also expected to make formal application to this group.

We all know about BRICS. We all know about OPEC and The western Trade Bloc. Many don't realize that there are other Trade Blocs in the Global system. Obviously every country has ties to one of these but some have multiple ties and some have more sway than others. Other Trade Blocs are The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, and the South Asian Trade Bloc.

Afghanistan is an interesting example of the inter-play between these different factions. Whilst being an 'Observer' of the South Asian Bloc, Afghanistan is also a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Afghanistan also has India (already a member of BRICS) as a major trading partner. all this while being considered as a poor country but also one with untapped minerals and resources. Argentina is currently part of the Western Bloc but making application to join BRICS. The UAE, Iran and Algeria are currently part of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement while making moves toward BRICS. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt are part of the Western Bloc but are also making eyes at the new blood in the room, BRICS.

If all of these countries that have shown an interest in joining this new group succeed in membership, BRICS would grow to effectively achieve a collective GDP 30% larger than the U.S, over 50% of the global population and, be in control of over 60% of the worlds Natural Gas reserves. No matter how you look at this, that is a threat to any other existing group of countries on this planet.

"BRICS.. GDP 30% larger than the U.S, over 50% of the global population.. control of over 60% of the worlds Natural Gas reserves"

'The Plans of OUR Enemies'

When we take a step back and look at the agenda of the WEF, WHO, Davos group and their puppet masters, the expansion of BRICS is a direct threat to hundreds of years of careful planning and execution.

The infiltration and conquer of New Zealand, Australia and Canada just to name a few is a great example of practice runs for taking the real prizes. The infiltration and conquering of the U.S and Brazil. >I will point out that New Zealand has now entered a new phase in this procedure. < The original WEF puppet has now resigned and a new puppet is to take the lead and remove the pressure and focus from the original instigator. To be clear, Jacinda Adhern has now resigned and is to be replaced by Chris Hipkins. His first 'Order of business' is to track down the unvaccinated and ensure that they do get vaccinated. The populations and resources of these two latter countries U.S and Brazil are of utmost importance with regard to the implementation of their New World Order and their Great Reset. Without these two key countries being on board, there are way too many free minds and souls and way too many resources untamed and uncontrollable to bring these two grand plans to fruition.



'Former' Brazil President, Jair Bolsinaro's success means the people win. Bolsinaro is effectively the Brazillian Trump. As much as New Zealand, Australia and Canada are great examples of conquered countries in this 5th Generation war, The U.S and Brazil are great example of the people standing up to and to a certain degree fighting back and defeating the attempts of these people to rule over all of us on a global scale. They collectively show that this whole invasion attempt and conquering of countries is effectively a glass structure. The people of not just these two countries but countries all over the world are slowly learning that this problem can be fixed by voting these infiltrators out of their government structures. Once that happens, the glass towers come crumbling down. Not just in the U.S or Brazil, but worldwide. These Non State actors that are trying to be the boss of the world realize that they REALLY need a puppet in Brazil. At ANY cost.

These people are just now realizing that the U.S is pretty much lost to them. that means they need all

the rest of the marbles if they want any chance in winning their objective. Too many free mouths spouting off that all of this can be overcome by simply weeding out the infiltrators, and the whole game of marbles is lost.

Just as we have seen Trump persecuted from the day he walked down the escalator, Expect Bolsinaro to go through the same treatment verbatim. Along with his supporters on January 8th.


This is an information war!

The more people the main stream media can brainwash and convince that Bolsinaro is an insurrectionist and that his followers are terrorists, the more the real insurrectionists win this fifth generation war. Conversely, the more we Patriots can expose this whole pla

n, the more we win this very same war and have Brazils champion win and fight on behalf of the whole world against this evil.

In Summary

Brazil and the puppet 'Lulu' is the Deep States Veto against a whole host of countries teaming up against their evil. it is every citizens duty to right now support Bolsinaro so that he can add his yes vote to other countries joining the fight against this tyrannical cancer taking hold on our world.


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