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brunson v adams US Supreme Court.

by DurtyQ 1/9/23

What is this case all about?

The Brunson v Adams case was originally filed following the 2020 Election. To be a little more specific, it was filed following the alleged certification of that election. The Brunson brothers had made petition that their was doubt in the validity of many of the states elections and that the remedy sought was for Congress to take the Constitutionally stated 10 days to investigate before certifying.

Well, Jan 6th happened and the Congress Certified the Election.

Enter Brunson v Adams Et al. To paraphrase, this challenges that every congressman who was elected in 2020 and also the Executive branch are seated unlawfully and against the United States Constitution. The remedy sought is to remove every unlawfully seated politician from 2020 AND place Donald J Trump as the rightful 46th President of the United States.

How did this case make it all the way to the Supreme Court of The United States?

This case got dismissed time and again until it was in the 13th Circuit of Appeals. There it sat with the clock running out. The Appeals court was literally trying to run the clock out to make this case just disappear. 'Ah well I guess its dead and no harm, no foul'. I believe it was in this appeals court where NONE of the Defendants bothered to reply in opposition when given the opportunity to respond. (Note this is indicative of these people having a sense of security that this would be dealt with and they wouldn't need to worry about the matter. Hmmm) What happened next was intriguing in the least. A Clerk from the Supreme Court of The United States contacted the brothers and asked them to file in the SCOTUS. The filing would be under a clause whereby the National Security is at stake and the SCOTUS is to automatically receive it as per regulations. Oh.. and by the way, hurry up. the SCOTUS wants it in ASAP! Note. by recieving, i mean stamping it as recieved. thats it. thats not the same as SCOTUS actually taking the case on to be ruled upon.

Lets just pause here and assess this turn of events.

Before Roe v Wade was decided, The SCOTUS Judges experienced first hand Doxing, Vandalism, Protesting outside or near their homes. Threats to their children and themselves Poisoning and I'm sure more examples of intimidation.

All of a sudden there is this case sitting just out of reachof these Judges under assault that can protect them all. You see, This case is an insurance policy against violence to them and theirs. if any one of those Judges are intimidated right now, or between now, and when that case is decided, the outcome is fated. 388 congress member's including senators, the President and the Vice President are magic'd right outa there seats and are never to return to politics.

One Hiccup

The complaint alleges 'Treason' to every person seated in the 2020 election and named in the case.

We all know the punishment if found guilty of Treason.

In this Authors opinion, If this case had been split into 388 smaller cases and they all ended up here, life would be rosy. But this is one case with 388 Defendants. The SCOTUS is faced with a very difficult ruling to make in favor of the plaintiffs. At this point I would like to say that it doesn't matter because the scales of justice are blind. The Constitution is the Constitution and if people acting on behalf of the Government act contrary to that Constitution, its Treason.

However i would be a fool to believe that. Having said that, there is an avenue for the SCOTUS to actually hear this case without dealing with the matter of Treason in the first instance. that avenue is to judge the complaint itself and refer those that are presumed treasonous to separate trial for Treason.

The brilliance of this case

This case is very black and white. Either Congress took the appropriate steps according to the Constitution or they did not. It lacks all the intricacies that are played upon by the lawyers as they fight this or that part of the allegation.

Further, The SCOTUS will not benefit by ruling either way. If They rule in favor, the public will be in shock. there will be riots in the streets because the very idea of instant removal of the majority of congress will be simply too much to handle for the majority of the public. add that to the planned riot-hoods we see organized by the very same people responsible for the election fraud in the first place and America burns. The military would be engaged to handle the transition to a newly formed congress according to the Constitution.

If SCOTUS rules against, it is a clear message to the patriotic types that the Court has failed the people. It would be very clear that the Judicial Branch is no longer in the business of protecting the Constitution. Not only would America burn, but the military would be forced to intervene given that all three branches would now be demonstrably captured by non state actors.

So where does that leave the Brunson Brothers?

I believe this will be kicked down the road some more. Yes it will be discussed. Yes it will be tabled for this or that hearing but no ruling will come on this for quite some time. It will be used as a shield as the SCOTUS brings forward other case rulings undesirable to those remaining in power that seek to wrought the system, push wokeness, Push the Claus Schwab New World Order. WEF's Meddling in Governments affairs to bring about their own agenda. In short, The SCOTUS will use this case to protect and uphold the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

This monumental Case was apparently discussed in the Supreme Court on Friday 6th January 2023. Join The RDM Family this Monday 9th January as Dean Ryan kicks off this exciting year and explores the ramifications, expectations and intricacies of this case and other current topics..


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