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'Cause for Pause'.. A Reflection On The Election

(op-ed) by DurtyQ 11/7/22

While all you citizens of the U.S Sleep, I find myself having a “Cause for Pause”.

Tomorrow, my time will be the 8th November. The date I’ve heard over and over for months, years even. But Tomorrow is just a teaser. I have to wait another day… November 9th is the day for me. Problem is, it will be all but done when I get up for my day.

So I find now is the right time to Pause for the Cause and have a wee think about things.

First and foremost, The art of subversion is the most common form of warfare seen in the last 100 odd years. I don’t think this election will be free of subversion. While we are all watching the polling booths, the drop boxes, the vote count on CNN, hoping to catch them when they screw it up, Whats happening in the other hand? Whats dropping from the voluminous sleeve?

To get a peek into the possibilities, lets look at whats been going on globally. Yes. your election is important to you. but that doesn’t mean it cant be used by outsiders as a distraction.


"We have; Ukraine, first and foremost"

With the Ukraine issue, we have your 101 Airborne in Eastern Europe. ( I still don’t put the U.S military and U.S Govt in the same box) Iran giving Russia Drones. You have a rogue Russian state gone AWOL with the assistance of NATO, and both the U.S and U.K Govts independently. Nuclear Detonations havent been ruled out. In fact, its kind of expected at this point. We also have Putin trying to help the grain export only to have his ships attacked while protecting the grain. The last point id like to drive home is that this same world super power leader has a doomsday sub out in the water somewhere. Lurking, ready…

Lets skip to Asia Pacific.

China is waiting for its moment. Taiwan is braced for attack. North Korea is showing more force than ever before. firing missiles over Japan, Meanwhile we have the U.S and South Korea conducting military drills in the area and they have now just extended those drills.

Here in Australia, we have a U.S Helicopter Carrier in the Sydney harbour. We are storing and testing Hypersonic missiles for the U.S in Eastern Australia. All of this… in support of alliances created by the World Economic Forum.

Lets talk about the World Economic Forum

This unelected group of know-it-alls, would like to transform our world so that they prosper and we all subjudicate. Over the last ‘Eons’ they have been quietly infiltrating Global Governance. Their big plan is to wipe out most of us so they can implement a manageable plan to govern. They use climate change, and pit race against race, woman against man, beer drinkers against wine drinkers to make this magic plan happen. We have Trudeau in canada, Adhern in new Zealand. we have Albanese in Australia already funneling money to the right people. We have the U.K Govt in Tatters. No-one seems to be able to walk that thin line between helping the WEF and actually running the country. we also have a stolen election in Brazil to keep an eye on. but in all these carefully laid plans, there was a problem…



Before we go there, I find Cause for Pause within the Cause for Pause.

There were two women Killed on Jan 6th 2020 that deserve mention here. there was a lady trampled and, a lady shot. We all know of Ashlee Babbott. Her crime was climbing through a broken window. Capitol Security was her Judge, Jury and Executioner. Ashlee wont be afforded a trial or a jail sentence. neither will her family.. unlike the numerous people who undertook the first battle line and are now sitting in Prison. Some of those in that gulag are sitting there having charged the enemies front line. Others have done the enemy’s work. deep behind our lines. Welcome to the world of subterfuge. A look at the crimes they are individually charged for and their sentences gives us a good indication of who is who in the Gulag. Ill let you look into that one yourself. Nonetheless I feel it's an apt time to pause and reflect on the heroes that took the first step against this insanity. they were the first wave.




-Remember this when you go and Vote on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has been the proverbial ‘spanner in the works’. he has wrecked everything. from the financial bust to the wars all planned out. he showed that an economy can boom and that we don’t need wars. After a while, more and more people started realizing this and jumped on his band wagon. these are the brave patriots you will be supporting. they will take the brunt of the attack. they stand to lose the most. Don’t worry. You also have support. You have those watching the drop boxes. Those Poll Watching. Others are ready to spring into legal action at the drop of the hat. then there's the Millions of others just like you that see whats going on and just want to get out and put their true vote in the fight. And then, there, in the background is me. In another country, trying the best I can to help from afar. Others in Canada, still others in new Zealand. More even in Myanmar or brazil, hoping for a little boost. We all have one thing in common.

What happens on Tuesday will shape all of our futures.

Get out and Vote! and take a damn pen with you.

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