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Down The Maui Rabbit Hole

Updated: Sep 10

by DurtyQ 9/10/23

The official line being fed to the public is that a storm passing 490 Miles off the coast of Hawaii caused high winds on Maui and that brought down bare powerlines on weak power poles. ‘Hurricane Dora’. I decided to look in on the whole situation in Lahaina, Maui Hawaii. What I found is very disturbing. lets dig into this.

Via the Associated Press :

“In the first moments of the Maui fires, when high winds brought down power poles, slapping electrified wires to the dry grass below, there was a reason the flames erupted all at once in long, neat rows -- those wires were bare, uninsulated metal that could spark on contact.

Videos and images analyzed by The Associated Press confirmed those wires were among miles of line that Hawaiian Electric Co. left naked to the weather and often-thick foliage, despite a recent push by utilities in other wildfire- and hurricane-prone areas to cover up their lines or bury them.

Compounding the problem is that many of the utility’s 60,000, mostly wooden power poles, which its own documents described as built to “an obsolete 1960s standard,” were leaning and near the end of their projected lifespan. They were nowhere close to meeting a 2002 national standard that key components of Hawaii’s electrical grid be able to withstand 105 mile per hour winds.”

Ok I get that this infrastructure wont handle big winds. Fair enough. but where did the winds come from?


via ‘Hawaii news now.

60 Mph winds delivering a mile a minute ‘fire travel rate’.

Think about that. Its impossible.

Or is it?

60 mile an hour winds pushing a fire along at 60 miles an hour. That means the wind ignites everything in its path as it passes over lahaina.

I don’t care how much flammable items are in its path, no fire I have ever heard of matches its wind speed in travel. We will look further into ‘Hurricane Dora later in this article.

Brace yourself

The remains of houses in Lahaina 2023 hawaii.

Note: the trees are not blackened.



The remains of houses in a Natural bush fire. Yarloop 2016 Western Australia.

Note all the metal and chimneys left behind. Also note the blackened trees. still standing but blackened.


The first thing that jumps out at me in this comparison is the amount of debri left behind in the Australian fire vs the Maui fire. When towns get wiped out by a firestorm, the only things left behind are Concrete, Metal and bricks and as you see, there are generally a lot of those things in most homes.


Where are all the tin roofs in lahaina? Where are the terraccotta tiles which are made with intense heat?


Remaining bricks and steel beams in houses.

Why does it look as if there was a huge explosion that wiped out a major piece of land?


Even though Aluminium may melt in a bushfire, Most other metals like Galvanised iron or Panel steel on vehicles will not. Aluminium has a melting point of 660 degrees Celcius (1220f) while Steel/Iron has a higher melting point. (1150-1600 C) a normal Bush fire will not melt steel. whether it is on a roof or part of a car.

Aluminium Melting in a bushfire. Note the blackened trees.


James Grundvig, American Media Periscope


There is a significant amount of evidence that exists in the fireground in Lahaina. Metallurgical examination of the remnants needs to happen. soil moisture samples should be taken and analyzed. Satellite imagery needs to be preserved and examined.

Much like Election interference, if it's all on the up n up, Authorities should present honest findings to show the people that it's legitimate. Not hide evidence from the people and fuel conspiracy theories.



It has been noted that the people have been blocked from gaining access to the devastation. I expect that the rubble will be whisked away quick smart before nosey investigators can have a good look.

via ‘Democracy Now’


Companies like Blackrock have been doing everything in their power to obtain Land. This is predominant in Australia where people are being offered 110% of their Homes Market value. This is just too good to refuse for some and vast amounts of land previosly used to cultivate food is now sitting dormant.

Any Land obtained in Lahaina right now will never return to the people. It will either be used to expand large global companies or it will sit dormant. No use to anyone. 15 minute Cities and the transition to that reality is in the spotlight here in Lahaina.

One of our Real Deal Members suggested we look for bulletholes in bodies. While morbid, the suggestion was worth taking seriously. Another Contributor to RDM forwarded the following article to me.

Here are your bullet holes CLICK HERE


According to this bloke there were 250 bodies found with bullet holes.

The Military Prescence in Hawaii

This is just a Data point at this stage. I may come into play down the track but for now, just a Data point.


(Above) The island of Oahu, its where Honolulu is situated, and also separated from Lahaina, Maui by a smaller island, Moloka’l



(Above) The largest settlement on Moloka’I. that can be seen, The island is mountainous and inhospitable. No use to anyone. there we're no fires here. It was the residents on this island that ferried supplies to the victims On Maui.

There are a chain of islands. one is a military base. the next is inhospitable and the third is a place loved by the people. its bustling with economic activity and is considered the heart of the Royal Family's prescence. This is/was Maui before the fires.



I was sent this video showing a group of people that tried to drive out. They couldn’t get out because both ways were blocked. they ended up in the water by the boat docks on Front St. They were in the water for hours, covering their mouths with fabric and keeping their hair wet. Watch the video (CLICK HERE)

(Before) pictures


Immediately we can see that this is a busy place. If you use Google maps to drive down Front St at street level you cant see a lot because of the amount of vehicles.

Id like to say most of those vehicles got out. Unfortunately its not the case.

This is that same area above from another angle post fires. most of the boats got out.

Zoomed out…

Not such a great result. There are a lot of cars that we're Not driven.

Lets talk about Hurricane Dora. that little marina you see in these pictures is the same place seen in the above photos prior to the fires

Hurricane Dora

(via local Maui website)

A Storm that is 490 Miles away is not going to generate winds of that speed.

What generated the winds described as ‘Eeerie’?

It sure wasn’t that storm nearly 500 miles away. Satellite imagery and simple weather stations can produce evidence to either prove or disprove wether this ‘Hurricane Dora’ was the source of the winds or wether there is some strange pattern happening with wind speeds at certain waypoints heading away from the epicenter of ‘Dora’. I will be so bold to suggest effects from HAARP came into play with these winds more than a storm 500 Miles away.


Hurricane Hillary made its way straight up through California into Arizona.

We saw Mudslides and flooding. But no destructive winds despite its close proximity.

Hurricane Hillary was trounced up on Main Stream media to be the hurricane that would give Dorothy's Tornado, in Wizard of Oz a run for its money. In reality, we saw mudflows, and a bit of rain.

All of the mainstream coverage of Hillary showed natural waterways that exist for this exact thing. To direct large rainfalls. This is a regular expected storm that gives the usual washout for the built up driftwood and dust buildup. Some of the footage showed the bridges in the background. A clear indication of a dry river bed.


-What damage other than rainfall happened in California and Arizona from ‘Hurricane Hillary
-WHY BUILD IT UP AS A MEGASTORM? -How does a storm that is 490 Miles off the coast of Hawaii give damage like that in Lahaina?


In the following authors opinion, he claims they had to make whatever damage from Hurricane Hillary as big as can be to prop up the Climate Scare.



"High powered Microwaves?"

And more from The Canadian Analysis on DEW usage and capabilities:


It is time we stopped pretending that we all, Globally, follow the law and generally do the right thing. If people have these weapons at their disposal, and have nefarious intent, you better believe these weapons will be used way outside the scope of the above.

I have now, later in this observation/rabbit hole dive realized that pictures such as those gathered early and shown above of Lahaina post fire are rare. If you look up the aftermath of Lahaina now, two weeks later (images below)

This following link will take you to an interview by Peggy hall with Forensic Arborist Robert Brame.


Robert takes us through the aftermath of many of the fires in Canada. what he presents is disturbing to say the least. This is a man that investigates firegrounds forensically and is a Botanist with Extraordinary knowledge.

He shows us through his photography how the things that should burn last, burn first and those that should burn first burn last in these fires. he also states that the trees are “Cooked” not burnt. Cooked on the inside. The trees with the most moisture in them burn out from the inside while other trees with little moisture are left perfectly fine. He points out that the needles and leaves haven't burnt in these so called ‘Fire Storms’. The evidence he puts forward strongly supports the use of Microwave Energy in the area. The interview is a must watch for anyone now looking at the fire ground in Maui.




Excerpt from ‘Britannica’

It has been said that HAARP is responsible for heating the ionosphere which creates turbulent weather. causing droughts in some areas while adjacent areas flood. There was a reported dry period leading up to the Lahaina fires. Coincidentally we are having a similar dry period here in Western Australia. It is mid to late winter here and at the time of writing this, we have no rain. normally it is raining for days here at this time of year.


(Above) Rainfall from the 1st of the month to the 10th in the 2022 table (Below) Identical data in the 2023 table, in addition to higher temperatures.


Perth Australia is geographically similar to Lahaina. we have the coast on one side and the hills on the other. We have a northern exit and a southern exit. I have had Western Australia in my heart since 1986. we have fires in the bush and we have house fires in the suburbs.. Car fires that cause scrub fires on or next to the freeway. Our bushfires are usually isolated amongst the suburbs or out in the hills of Gidgegannup but never wipe out whole swathes of suburbs.

If we have fires that decimate the suburbs in Perth, Western Australia, my suspicions will be confirmed.


Again, weather mapping data may hold the evidence of such un-natural weather manipulation. Evidence needs to be gathered in this department. We can speculate all day long but until we get the raw unadulterated data, That is all it will be. ‘Speculation’.

As for the DEW’S there is evidence suggesting Microwave use in Canada. It needs to be investigated. Properly.

Real Deal Media guest, Sheila Walker, former State Senate candidate of Hawaii urged us to look into how many of those houses had smart meters. after a quick search I found the answer. the following is from the ‘Honolulu Civil Beat’


The 15 Min Smart City Agenda

To force the public into accepting something new, the tactic employed is usually getting rid of the current option. When someone is forced into starting from new, they only have the options presented to them. In this case I would imagine that the only option is to rebuild using a smart meter. There will be in fact a whole new City built on this site . Complete with underground cabling that cant be affected by fire or any other "natural disaster". It will of course be dedicated to the 100’s if not 1000’s that lost their lives in the fire that made all that possible. Unfortunately the lower class of Maui will be penned up like cattle in their new existence unable to explore their own island. Just another piece of this very large puzzle.

What has already been set in motion?
If I type into my search engine ‘smart city conference hawaii’ I get pages of fact checkers.




The facts remain that there is this intention to have this area turned into a smart city. Despite fact checkers telling us that any smart city conference is a myth, there was smart city conference. The Wayback Machine may be of assistance here.


Question: How do you transform an area when theres already people occupying that land and they don’t wanna give it up?

Your plan calls for 100+ people per square Meter and the current owners plan includes 1 person per square meter.. How do you get that land?

“Ohh wow theres a fire that just leveled the land we want to use. Well that was a stroke of luck. Now we just go and offer pittance for the wasted land and we can get on with things.”


US cities signed up to convert to 15 minute Smart Cities Full List


My research over the past couple of weeks has pointed in one direction. This fire wasn’t Natural. The winds from a hurricane almost 500 Miles away are not going to be that strong. There are those with vested interest in re-development of this world stage piece of Real Estate. There are anomalies in the wreckage that the powers that be do not want to investigate.

The water was shut off, the power was kept on at critical points in the fire timeline.

Despicably, People were prevented from leaving the fire zone. Anyone can find footage and stories about being trapped by the “Authorities”.


'All supplies were blocked from the point of delivery to the of access'


Whether this fire was started by DEW’S or strong winds created by HAARP, in this Authors opinion, It wasn’t a natural fire. We need to push for Evidence gathering on all Levels. Find out what happened to the metal? What happened to the trees? There is a picture in every piece of scrap metal, brick, body, car, power pole, tree trunk, whatever. A picture that will unravel this twisted tale. From the testimony of people trapped and heading for water, to the testimony of old mate just walking the street and documenting the police blocking people, there is a truth at the end of this.

If we let it slide into history, we don’t get answers.

Only when we push for answers do we get some of the truth.


People died in these fires, Whether it was 1 or a 1000 people, we need to know what exactly went on here.

In the Yarloop Fire, (Australian Bush Fire) people had access to the fire zone. people had access to all of the information available. People had access to welfare and safe zones.

The Lahaina fire had No Access to essential other than what the locals shared. All supplies were blocked from the point of delivery to the point of access. From victims urgently seeking care to many others needing food, it was desperation. Neighboring Islanders were the ones that gave aid to their brothers and sisters in their desperate time of need.

We are at the point where endless “NON-information” regarding these events that we need to start pushing for total-information access. It's up to Us to Push for it all!



About the Author DurtyQ is a contributing writer for Real Deal Media from New Zealand and based in Australia.


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