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(op-ed) by DurtyQ 10/9/22

Recently we all watched on 9/26/22 as we were shown grainy images of bubbles on the sea surface.. Nord Stream one and two had been attacked and Europe's energy supply had been crippled. If we take the main stream media at its word, this was a horrific act of war by President Putin. Millions would now freeze as winter approaches in Europe. But is all as it seems? Let's explore a little.

The latest is that “evidence” has been brought up from the sabotage site which will name the culprit. many believe that the U.S is responsible. others believe Russia is responsible. Yet another group points the finger at Poland. after all, a brand new pipeline was commissioned the day after the alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. There's another theory that we will get to shortly in this article but lets first deal with the above.

We can only wait with baited breath as Europe brings the news of evidence to point the finger on this act of war. Let's explore the other avenues in the meantime. first lets look at the possibility that President Putin sabotaged the two pipelines. “Haha Europe! Take that for your sanctions against my country”

Is this really plausible?

This would mean Putin attacked his own avenue of selling his number one export. at a time when he's laughing at the rest of the world after the west sanctioned the crap out of Russia. It all backfired and all of a sudden his new gold backed rouble is soaring. this was due to Europe being forced to pay for his gas in gold or Roubles. There are only so many Roubles in the world. Apply supply and demand theory to the Rouble and all of a sudden the Rouble is in as high demand as gas in Europe. Does he now go and wipe out that ability to reap those awards? If Putin wanted to destroy all ability for Europe to receive gas, wouldn't he destroy the pipeline about to be commissioned by Poland too? After all the Poland pipeline actually crosses the Nord Stream. why not just blow the whole damn lot up? Hmmm


Did Poland have a hand in this dastardly act?

If you follow the money, it is Poland that stands to gain from this. A brand new pipeline was commissioned the very day after the explosions on Putin's pipeline. Coincidence? All of a sudden Europe is saved by a new gas delivery via a pipeline between Poland and Norway. Would the demise of Putin's pipeline help the success of Poland's new venture? Absolutely. Does Poland have the ability to carry out such an act? Maybe… with a little help.

It just so happens that there was an interesting flight caught doing something very suspicious that day.

A P8 Maritime patrol aircraft was tracked as it flew from the U.K region across and past the sabotage site. this Aircraft which is equipped with very capable weaponry is a sub hunter. it is capable of launching Air to Sea munitions to take out waterborne targets. Interestingly this flight was only known as Bart 12. It brings to mind Bart Simpson and his antics with his slingshot. The Hex No. of this aircraft was a fake. to explain, all aircraft have a fingerprint I.D. some agencies have the ability to change this and generate a random Hex No. This Aircraft Hex No. does not appear on any database.

This flight continued past the pipeline and met with a K35R Refueling tanker. they engaged for around one hour, 20 mins. That’s a crap load of fuel. I was a refueler in the N.Z AirForce. An hour and 20 mins of pressure refueling is pretty much the load a 747 would take on. There was a reason for that amount of fuel as planes are only fueled with what they need for their intended flight as extra fuel = extra weight. This pilot intended on flying a very long way.

After disconnecting from the tanker, the P8 then headed back to the pipeline area.

It decreases altitude and speed very close to the site. then we see a slight raise in altitude. This is consistent with a weight being dropped from the Aircraft but that is speculation. The P8 then leaves the area towards the U.K but does not stop there. it returns to the U.S.

The Refuelers flight is scrubbed from the flight logs. From a records perspective, that flight didn’t happen.

Above, Mystery weapons equipped maritime patrol aircraft. flight coming in to meet Refueller. (came a long way... U.S? ) needs fuel to complete mission and get back. 1.5 hrs of fuelling.Baart flight history (K135R Refueler from Poland) note no flight log for 26/9


  • Refuelng 1.5 hrs

  • Separation from the K35R Refueler

  • Mystery P8 does a circle lining up to strike the pipeline.

  • P8 drops altitude and drops payload where the cursor is.

  • Then gets the hell out of dodge back to U.S skipping a stop in U.K.


But wait, there's another theory to all this. And here it is.

President Putin's pipeline didn’t get hit at all. We've all seen the grainy propaganda videos propping up the Ukraine side of that war. What if Putin is taking a leaf from that book and producing his own propaganda?

The western world is left believing there was an act of war against Russia. Putin simply turns the tap off and all of a sudden, Europeans are forced out into the cold. Another nail in the Wests coffin as far as the people are concerned as they already reel against the sanctions imposed which are causing all the grief in their lives right now. T

o support this theory, Putin has already announced that Nord Stream two is up and running again and ready to deliver gas to cold Europeans. Is that even possible? Surely there would be volumes of seawater in that pipeline. that cant be easy to disperse. let alone repairing any hole that deep in the ocean. Hmmm the plot thickens.

Regardless of this ‘whodunnit’ mystery, Putin has now quietly deployed his ‘Doomsday’ submarine. Its equipped with 100 kiloton Nukes, a mini submarine attached to its underbelly that can dive to very deep in the ocean and place munitions and, this main larger submarine can out pace any torpedo with its top speed of 100K/hr. right now there is a very real ‘Hunt for Red October’ across the globe.

We are watching true 4D chess. subversion layered over subversion. Did the Brits do it and have their P8 fly bast U.K to absolve them of a smoking gun? Did Poland do it to bolster their new gas delivering Capability? Did the U.S do it in their ongoing push to cripple Russia with Deep State pulling the puppet strings? Or…


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