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Plannedriothood 2: Desperate Measures

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

by Dean Ryan (June 27th 2022)

In the Summer of 2022, the World has reached a boiling point engulfed in Coronapalooza hangovers, miracle jab regrets and broken down relationships. The public's grief-stricken anger only grows at the thought of another lockdown. Knowing the masses are awakening by the day, the once iron clad future for Agenda 21/30 hangs in the balance. Taking this into account, it's why we here at REALDEALMEDIA have described what's taking place as, Plannedriothood II: Desperate Measures As smart city initiatives prepare their rollout and new state and country alliances begin to form, the push for a One World Government and it's future hangs in the balance. In this accelerated effort to form a Global Government. Such a move would produce a dozen Amazon-esque companies for every industry, crushing small businesses and monopolizing the markets, populations would drift towards serfdom more than ever before. The ruling class alongside it's technocratic think tanks, have now crossed the rubicon by using their +4 card in this deadly game of Deep State Uno. The University aged protesters, aka 'Useful Tools of Communists' have now been ushered into the streets of D.C. and soon to be major cities across the U.S. if not World. After all, this Roe VS Wade ruling, is the moment Communist Professors have been waiting for their entire Collectivist-Anti-Free Market careers. Between nobility and the art of 'Not Letting a Crisis go to Waste', the anti-American personnel embedded in the United States are ready for WAR. The next several weeks to months will determine which pathway to Freedom, if at all, the rest of the World will choose as All eyes are now on America.


Below are 4 Pillars of Possibilities & Scenarios stemming from Plannedriothood II 1. The ROE vs WADE ruling (psy-op) will be used to break up the U.S. and further dismantle a political divide not seen since the Civil War-era. In the wake of the a ruling, new unions between Red/Blue states will form as China's involvement in Blue States will only increase. The disenfranchised "Left" will join the "Right" in their calls to delegitimize the Supreme Court. Texas, who's recently passed a resolution declaring Biden's election as illegitimate, will lead the succession movement of the Red States. With reports of trade negotiations already taking place between Texas' Gov. Abbott and Mexican Cartels, other states will follow suit in new trade agreements globally and domestic. The Original US Republic will re-emerge, as China will start flexing their teeth in the Democrat controlled US cities and states. 2. The Plannedriothoods, orchestrated by rogue elements of the FBI and CIA will rollout their 'Rules for Radicals' by sticking true to the Communist Manifesto. The 'scorched earth' will take place, providing further distractions from revelations of 2020 Election fraud from resurfacing. Any National attention towards Election Fraud evidence, further delegitimized Biden becomes, and more credence Donald Trump builds. As the Riots build momentum across the US, it will force the hand of State militias to react, now that rural cities are now being targeted by China's para-military army, ANTIFA who've vowed to target Christians and Conservatives.. (See Below)

3. In the midst of Global riots spurred by the SCOTUS ruling, a new fog of War will start to amass internationally. In a concerted effort by multiple countries, led by the US and Russia a new monetary system will replace the current, which denies further money supply to the deep state supply chains. The signal of this COVID rebuttal will be the re-installment of Trump. Under the basis of election fraud and high treason charges against sitting members of the Executive, Senate, Congress and Local Governments, the evidence will be overwhelming enough that plausible deniability would be obsolete. In the efforts of 'not letting a crisis go to waste', communications will be seized by the white hats and the modern day Nuremberg Trials will begin while societies world-wide rebuild. 4. Mirroring the break-up of the Soviet Union, the US will splinter into regions. some cities and states will prosper while others will continue to deteriorate i.e. Delaware into a third world countries. Institutions begin to crumble, while Freedom oriented states continue to prosper with free enterprise heading to Red States . A 2 Tier society is formed with USA Corporation continuing in Globalist controlled states, while the original American Republic re-emerges in response to the One World Government. The 21st Century has produced it's first World War. A Psychological War of Duality. "For every positive there is a negative, For every awakened soul, there's a counterpart who never had one."

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About the author: Dean Ryan is the founder and Exec.Producer of Real Deal Media. He is also the host of World At WAR and Late Nite Update. 4x Key Note Speaker at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo and Anarchapulco Fest. Acclaimed Film-Maker of Underground Traffic and JonBenet Ramsey Revelations.

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