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Real Deal Election 2022 UPDATE

by DurtyQ 11/10/2022

Two days after election day and we are still waiting for our result.

Things are becoming blatantly obvious as we watch the total vote tally dwindle to a million counted per day. Florida managed to count 80% of there vote (7.2 million votes) by midnight yet Arizona only managed to count 63% of thier vote (1.7 million votes) by midnight. Hmmm.... in the last two days just 9% of the Arizona vote has been counted.. hmmmm...

This is all delay tactics. The Dems who are running these races are grasping at straws. They called races early where they could pressure GOP candidates into conceding thier races despite the balance of votes to be counted being in GOP favour. Now they are drawing out the last inevitable GOP wins in hope that they can somehow figure a way to inject more Dem votes. The second reason for this delay tactic is to get YOU all riled up and take to the streets. If they can show civil unrest and call it Civil War, then the whole thing can be called off. Ahh well guess the Dems will have to stay in power..

DO NOT HIT THE STREETS. LEAVE THE PITCHFORKS IN THE SHED! Because all is not as bad as it would seem.


What the heck is going on?


Currently, Politico shows three remaining senate seats with GOP holding 49 and dems holding 48.

The three remaining seats are Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

There is a run-off to take place in Georgia where Warnock and Walker came in with a .6% margin.

In a nutshell, nevada is in the bag for the GOP with a healthy 1.4% lead for GOP candidate Laxalt. Any votes counted at this point will only lean GOP as it is the on day in person voting now being counted. Not left leaning mail in ballots. So that will give us 50 seats.

Arizona has Masters at 46.2% and climbing against Kelly at 51.7%. This race is being tipped for Kelly by as much as 6 points as it is only at 72% of the vote counted and ballot dumps are showing 70+% favouring GOP. That would take us to 51 seats in the senate. If we win the Georgia race, we get 52 seats. We can live with 51.



The House already belongs to the GOP. Nancy is toast!

GOP currently holds 209 of the 218 required ro win a majority.

We need 9 more seats. Add the three ‘likely’ seats and we are at 212 with 6 to go.

The Dems currently have 189 seats. Add the 6 ‘solid’ predicted seats, plus the 2 ‘likely’ and they have 197. Thats 21 seats short of the target.


So, whats left up for grabs?

  • 8 Dem leaning

  • 10 GOP leaning

  • 8 toss ups.


Democrats would need all of their leaning seats, all of the toss ups and also 7 of our leaning seats to win.

Meanwhile, GOP only needs 6 of our leaning seats to get the job done and stuff that cat in the bag. We know the Democrats heavily favoured mail in voting as opposed to on the day in person voting. Republican voters are the exact opposite. Preferring to vote in person.

We know the mail in ballots were counted first. There are reports of the latest ballot dumps registering 70+% for GOP in Arizona. You can expect the same in other parts of the country.

We also know that there has to be millions of ballots missing. In 2018, there were 114 million ballots in total. In 2020 there were 153.4 million ballots. We are told that most races have been called with between 80 and 99% counted.

Currently we stand at only 96 million votes counted. Thats only around 60% average across the country and thats assuming there were no more ballots cast in this election than in 2020. I CALL B.S

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