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The First Indictment

(op-ed) by DurtyQ 3/26/23


While fighting the daily fight against tyranny, oppression, and corruption at the highest levels of our society, a major jigsaw piece fell into place. The Stormy Daniels fracas played out before us magnificently. The mainstream media has been salivating at the prospect of finally having Trump arrested publicly and stopped once and for all from attaining the presidency of the United States of America. Only, it hasn't quite happened that way. Instead, the media was baited into broadcasting that Trump was to be 'arrested on Tuesday!' ...Why? Because Bragg was posturing to indict Trump for paying hush money to the stripper, 'Stormy Daniels.' Trump took the opportunity to call it out big time. The very public disclosure of this fact had the effect of 'Put up or shut up' against Bragg. Within hours of Trump's announcement, we had Costello, Cohen's former legal advisor, providing a 'last-minute witness testimony' to the grand jury. It was here that devastating evidence was entered (and made very public) that Cohen was a known perjurer, hated Trump, and was turned down after asking Trump for pardons for previous crimes, devastating for Bragg's case. Now, as the general public witnesses the frivolity of Bragg's case, and even the mainstream media (Fox) points out the hypocrisy of Bragg pursuing any case against Trump in preference to sorting out his own State, we get delivered a slam dunk from Trump, a written media release from Stormy Daniels herself, denying any affair between her and Trump.


Let's take a moment to think about this development. What stands out to me is that it is handwritten. This isn't some tweet or Facebook post to deny this relationship to the public when this was authored. This is a handwritten declaration that has been provided on request, likely for the purposes of defense in a court of law. It's even crumpled a little to emphasize that this is actually written. Is it real? Well, this is high stakes. You don't bring a knife to a gun party, right? I'm going to assume here that this is real and that if asked, Miss Daniels will vouch for its authenticity. Now, if we look back at events and play them back, it becomes obvious to me that this whole thing was a sting operation. Stormy Daniels was in on it. Costello was in on it. This was a sting against George Soros and his ring of paid-off judges and prosecutors. Let me explain.

(pic Above) Official Statement from Stormy Daniels 2018

All the cases that we have been shaking our heads over during the past five odd years have one thing in common. Well, a couple of things actually, but one main protocol. A George Soros-funded prosecutor or judge and the omission of 'exculpatory evidence' from cases to gain a conviction. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that may exonerate the defendant. It is illegal to withhold such evidence when prosecuting any defendant in the United States of America. This brings us to the 'Brady motion' or the 'Brady rule.' Dr. Rand Paul just interviewed a potential judge in Congress and asked specifically if he understood the Brady motion. The applicant had no idea what Dr. Paul was talking about. This topic has now become a target.


"The first indictment will show future direction" -DurtyQ-


Let's look at J6. Exculpatory evidence was withheld from every one of the J6 defendants. Once the 41,000 hours of video evidence was released to Tucker Carlson, and he released a tiny bit to the public, but then he was shut down by Rupert Murdoch, his deep state controller. There would be no more video evidence released publicly. Thank you very much! This is exculpatory evidence in its rawest form. In fact as the Tucker Carlson release played out, there was public condemnation of the Judge in the Proud Boys case, who did not allow previously hidden lines of text found in an e-document to be admitted to the court record. This, despite those lines of text that showed the proud boys innocence. The excuse?? That is classified information that should not have been released, “the jury will strike that from the record.” Move on...nothing to see here.

If we look at election cases, evidence that would prove the plaintiffs' cases which is known by the defendant, has been withheld by the defendants. This is what the "Discovery Process'' is all about. Exculpatory evidence being withheld is the key in these cases and as for example, in the Kari Lake lower court hearings, Stephen Richtor the Election /Supervisor in Maricopa, had direct knowledge of the tactics being deployed. He did not disclose any of this to the court and then it became a big dance around "Intent." Once again, exculpatory evidence was ignored and the case was dismissed. As things move forward and progress in her case, which is now with the Supreme Court of Arizona, I fully expect that EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE will become a very public factor.

It is also my view the newly revealed tactic of the MAGA movement! It is the grass roots way to tackle the court corruption head on. Tackle George Soros head on! I see a pile on effect happening around the root theory that evidence is being hidden from the courts in order to gain convictions of innocent people. Once the masses get their head around this concept, multitudes will not only be digging into current cases, but they will be totally intolerant of this behavior continuing.

It's important to note that the withholding of exculpatory evidence is not only illegal but also immoral. It goes against the principles of justice and fairness that are the foundation of our legal system.


(Manhatten D.A. Alvin Braggs)

We are currently watching as the prosecutor of this very high profile case (Braggs) possibly becomes the prosecuted. You could think of it as the hunter becoming the hunted! Will the first indictment mentioned on the boards point to Braggs? The charge would be prosecutorial misconduct. Will others be prosecuted and jailed for their roles in persecution under that very same charge in a snowball reaction?


Now, back to the Stormy Daniels case. It's possible that this was a sting operation aimed at exposing corrupt prosecutors and judges, as the author suggests. If that's the case, then it's a brilliant move. By setting up a fake scandal and luring the prosecutors into pursuing it, they may have uncovered evidence of wrongdoing that can be used to bring down the entire corrupt system. It's important to be cautious and not jump to conclusions based on speculation and conjecture. We need to wait for more evidence before we can draw any firm conclusions.

In any case, it's clear that the Stormy Daniels case has exposed some serious flaws in our legal system. We need to do more to ensure that prosecutors and judges are held accountable for their actions and that they are not allowed to abuse their power to further their own political agendas.

We also need to ensure that exculpatory evidence is always disclosed in criminal cases. This is essential to ensuring that justice is served and that innocent people are not wrongfully convicted. There are serious problems with our legal system that need to be addressed. We need to work together to fix these problems and ensure that justice is always served, no matter who is involved.


So, to sum it up, the first indictment will show future direction in terms of how the legal system will handle cases where exculpatory evidence has been withheld. This has been a recurring issue in many high-profile cases, with George Soros-funded prosecutors and judges being accused of withholding evidence to gain convictions. The Stormy Daniels case, in particular, appears to have been a sting operation against Soros and his ring of paid-off judges and prosecutors.

The release of a handwritten statement from Stormy Daniels denying any affair with Trump is a significant development, as it suggests that exculpatory evidence is finally being brought to light. If asked, Daniels will likely vouch for the statement's authenticity, further bolstering its credibility.

The Brady Rule, which requires the disclosure of exculpatory evidence to defendants, is a crucial legal safeguard that is being increasingly targeted. It is essential to ensure that defendants are not wrongfully convicted, and the failure to disclose such evidence is illegal.

Overall, it is hoped that the legal system will start to take this issue seriously and ensure that exculpatory evidence is not withheld in the future. The first indictment will show which direction the legal system is headed and how it intends to tackle this issue going forward. Is this the turning point in the war against the Deep State? Grab your popcorn, this is getting really intense.


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