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The Mystery of Hawaii's Missing Children

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

by Dean Ryan 9/12/23


The Most recent act of war in Hawaii has been on full display as the Maui Cover-Up continues. Addressing the topic of Where are all the missing Children? I began reviewing my notes on significant findings from 2020 and today. During a segment on Real Deal Media's WORLDATWAR, I pieced it all together on what could potentially be an area where the missing kids are located. A True Plot Twist

Embedded in this deep state woven web that would make a Rockefeller proud, lies an unholy union existing right before our very own eyes. A charitable pairing involving (HI) Gov. Josh Green's Wife,Jamie, and Hawaiian Electric Industries CEO, Scott Seu. Coincidently they're both part of the same 'Child Rescue' charity, HALE KIPA. A Must Watch / Share Also available @ Instagram and Brighteon Email: info@RealDealMedia.TV WORLDATWAR LIVE Weeknights 10PM ET


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