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One Year Anniversary

One Year Ago today, my life changed forever. A new type of darkness began to plague our World, a disruption that remains as relevant as ever . My internal mission was one of survival, while everything outside of me was restless with conviction. Whatever we were experiencing, it had no face, other than the face of War. Unlike to the Wars of the past this one was different. No one could see, hear, breathe nor understand in this mandated reality gone Science Fiction. Every move was critical and decision costly. Stranded in Southern California, I had to think quick and use whatever skill I had to avoid severe consequences of what we were told as a deadly virus, or in my case being kept from returning to my residence at the time Texas. Already working in the realm of media and knowing its power to change the world, I knew what I had to do. Wake the masses.

With an honest idea and a phone call to my friend Jim Fetzer, a movement was started. The Real Deal Report premiered on my then unused YouTube channel. Expecting a one week run at best, we produced a show everyday of the week. Little did I know the days would turn into weeks then into months. A year later, this small show blossomed into a juggernaut. We identified the enemy, the agenda, the motive and the remedy to defeat the very thing I’ve dedicated my entire career exposing.. the New World Order. As the Corona Virus made its way into headlines during Spring 2020, we were there to intercept it’s deceit, share intel and keep you company. The Real Deal Report was born on March 19th 2020 in Los Angeles, California as the first original News show to emerge out of a newly locked down World. The times may have changed and maybe the one’s who were close grew distant .. but I’m still here. Holding the light through the darkness and having a laugh on the way.

till the end, Dean Ryan

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