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The Psy-Op of Roe VS Wade

by Dean Ryan


Are We being played on a National scale by Government and its complicit Media? In the last 2 months there have been divisive and polarizing issues that have received extreme coverage by the Corporate Media, all the while making Americans choose sides. Everything from The Slap Heard Around the World at the Oscars, to the Johnny Depp VS Amber Heard Abuse Case, Russia-Ukraine War and even the dreaded "Don't Say Gay Bill". All these have made each and every American paying attention, to choose a side they "identify" with. The common denominator is based and rooted in 'conflict'.. " Which Side Do You Stand With?"


Presently, the ultimate Final Boss of all arguments which leaves everyone flustered and prepared for War is the abortion debate. As it appears now that Roe VS Wade is now on the chopping block at the US Supreme Court, due to a supposed "Leaked Document". A document that now has been verified as true at the behest of Justice John Roberts, the infamous judge who gave the final voted needed for Obamacare. The Red Faced compromised Deep State patron, Roberts, supported all these abortion speculations yesterday by confirming that Roe VS Wade will be reviewed again. It's now said to believe that, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor, was the leaker of these documents. Now with the stage set for a Civil Unrest response to the upcoming ruling of Roe VS Wade the Chaos Out of Order module is ready to be tested in America, once again. As stated in a previous episode of World At WAR, I've felt the goal of "Leaking" and "Reviewing" such a divisive issue of our time has many connotations to it. On one hand, the abortion debate and the revaluation of it, is long over due. But Why Now?


What initially came across to me as an obvious distraction along the lines of the so-called "Russian-Ukraine War", I wanted to look deeper into what else the power structure is trying to hide from public attention. The increase of Miracle Jab Deaths? More ingredients of the true nature of these so-called Miracles? The Hunter Biden revelations? Many to choose from and many more to come, hence why I felt that the National Abortion Debate taking place right now is for the Peanut Gallery to squabble about while major events continue their stride with the shield of unhinged emotions. The true intention of the abortion debate at this time can not be distinguished with certainty. However, there are real objectives and "means to an end", that the ROE VS WADE symptom will inspire in the following: -The End of Federally funded Organ Harvesting operations across the US through their storefronts called Planned Parenthood. -The End of Federally Disguised funding of the DNC (Democratic Nationally Committee) through the "Donation" by their top backer Planned Parenthood. -The Beginning of the End of the supreme reign of power by the US Federal Govt. and their overreach, which leads to a New State's Rights movement across the Union as they will decide their own Abortion Rules and Regulations. -Ignites the start of the dreaded PlannedRiothood across the US, which this 3rd attempt to create a mirror image what 2020's riots looked like. Plannedriothood 3 will entail embedded migrants of military age from around the world, already released violent criminals on stand by and the ever-so loving support of the Intl. Community and their military's finest.. Led by NATO/UN Troops to "monitor" all "civil unrest across the country. In closing, NO state sponsored conflict that is placed on the American people or our allies around the world, will detour the Freedom Movement. Like the 'One Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind' we can still see clearly and remain true to our goals.. Freedom. Real Deal Media will continue to tell the story of this WW3 in Real-time until we win these Plandemic Wars as we promised. Stay Tuned.. Stay Awake and always follow your heart, DR

About the Author: Dean Ryan is the founder and Exec.Producer of Real Deal Media. He is also the host of World At WAR and Late Nite Update. 4x Key Note Speaker at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo and Anarchapulco Fest. Acclaimed Film-Maker of Underground Traffic and JonBenet Ramsey Revelations.

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2 Kommentare

Unknown member
05. Mai 2022

Right On ! Bringing clarity to yet another atrocity being perpetuated by dark forces forwarding the demise of our once great Republic ..

Gefällt mir
Unknown member
15. Juni 2022
Antwort an

It's really hard to believe that we can't just enjoy our lives and family, friends. I grew up in the 60's, 70's. I graduated high school in 1975. Although, now I know there was evil then, I was an awesome time to grow up. I wish that for everyone but the deep state is determined to change things now. So sad. Yeah, admitting my age

Gefällt mir
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