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The Significance Of Chernobyl?

According to the mainstream narrative The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26th April 1986 at the No. 4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukraine. at the time of the disaster Ukraine was part of the soviet Union (USSR)

We are told that in April 1986 engineers at the plant were carrying out a test to see what would happen during a power blackout. They cut the power to some systems, not realizing that the reactor no 4 was already unstable. The reduced power slowed turbines that pushed cooling water to the reactor. With less water to cool the system, what was left turned to steam, building up huge amounts of pressure. By the time operators realized what was happening, it was apparently too late.

The explosion was said to have been so powerful that it blew the 1,000-tonne steel lid off of the reactor - the same weight as three 747 passenger planes. In the days that followed, the scale of the disaster would become clear to the entire world.

It wasn't until the following day however that talk of even evacuating the area began, for over 24 hours life carried on as normal in Pripyat, many who lived there cannot even recall having heard the explosion that we are told was so powerful it blew a 1,000 tonne lid off a reactor. they went about their daily lives unaware, children went to school, played in the park, the only indication they had that anything was amiss was being given iodine pills at school to counter the radiation. The actual evacuation was days later.

The Soviet Union were widely criticized then and still are to this day for trying to cover up this disaster, and the magnitude of it, the leaders in Russia denied anything of great significance had occurred and still do 36 years later.

And then we get to 2022, and Putin's Russia invades Ukraine, and one of the first moves they make is to take control of the Chernobyl site, personally this struck me as massively weird and suspicious, the mainstream media rolled out the narrative that the Russians were planning to use Chernobyl as some sort of random shortcut to gain access to other parts of the Ukraine, but despite his flaws, Putin is not a stupid man, why would he send his military into a nuclear disaster zone simply to take a shortcut? It just did not add up.

In 2019 there was a HBO TV miniseries made on Chernobyl, in which Soviet Officials were widely criticized for mismanaging the disaster, at the time Putin was furious and called it CIA disinformation and vowed to make his own version casting the CIA as the actual villain and telling the world the truth about Chernobyl. Putin at the time hinted at the fact there was more to the Chernobyl story than we have been told, but this was swept away as Russian disinformation my the mainstream media.

However the fact that he immediately sent troops to such an allegedly dangerous area for a shortcut does make one wonder if there is more to the story than we have been told.

I remember when they opened up Chernobyl for tourism, at the time I was dumbfounded at this move and watched a TV show of tourists going around the site with radiation meters on continually telling them they were safe and wondered how this could be possible when radioactive fallout makes the area dangerous for 20.000 years... but here we were a mere 30 years later offering little holidays. The tour guides were quite relaxed as they led their parties around the site and only seemed to panic if anyone tried to stray off the allowed path.

The nuclear reactor itself still had workers for 14 years after the meltdown and only stopped operating in 2000, however hotels in the area have been open since the accident, and the only information available on why is that they were hosting "businessmen" - which seriously begs the question why are businessmen visiting a nuclear disaster zone?

And this leads one to wonder - what if this disaster wasn't quite what we were led to believe, what if the area around Chernobyl is not radioactive, what if there is no danger at all? In which case why were people evacuated from the area and never allowed to return to their homes, whilst random businessmen have been allowed to come and go whenever they wish?

It is a wild theory, but it would not be the first time in human history we have been misled or lied to or fed a false narrative, and if an individual or group wanted to conduct clandestine operations in the middle of Ukraine (or any country for that matter) where nobody would come and interfere or see what they were up to, it would actually be a genius move to create a massive false flag and say its radioactive and poses a danger to human life, because then nobody would dare venture in their to see what's going on - would they?

When you look at the rates of cancer for people who lived in and around Chernobyl and their descendants the figures are surprisingly normal and in line with figures from other areas all around the world which do not have radio active fallout poisoning the area for 20.000 years, so that's weird... but another thing that's weird is the images of Pripyat today, we have all seen them, with the abandoned fairground etc., but have we all ever really looked at them?

Nature has taken back this area, plants, flowers and trees have taken back this now abandoned city, and animals roam the deserted streets, not massively deformed animals, perfectly healthy normal animals who don't see any reason to avoid this area. Its eerily beautiful, nature has thrived in this apparently inhospitable environment, plants and trees found no problem living, thriving and surviving, they are not mutated, and in reality one must ask oneself, is this possible? should this be possible? and if not... have we all fell for a massive lie?

It would certainly explain why Putin on Day One of his attack on Ukraine went straight for this area, perhaps there's something to find in Pripyat? - and perhaps its not anything like what any of us would have expected, because if this has all been been a lie, then what are they doing in this abandoned town? what are they hiding? and more to the point - who are "they"?

You really do need to Question Everything.

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Unknown member
Mar 06, 2022

Excellent work Lisa


Unknown member
Feb 28, 2022

Great information, .. thank you Lisa for another great read !

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