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REAL DEAL MEDIA Reveals 'The Untold Story of Charles Manson'

by Dean Ryan 08/13/23

Real Deal Media reveals 'The Untold Story of Charles Manson' on Late Night Thoughts with Dean Ryan Now Available on all platforms (See Below) featuring UK Author Neil Sanders (website) I Recently welcomed UK Author Neil Sanders to Real Deal Media's Official podcast show Late Night Thoughts. Straight away Sanders, took viewers on a journey through the hidden hills of Laurel Canyon to the acid infused streets of Haight Ashbury, San Fransisco. Intertwining the early upbringing and mafia ties, you soon learn the traits of a person credited for ending the hippy generation, Charles Manson.


Neil Sanders tells the Charles Manson Story ..Like Never Before


Guided by his book 'Now's The Only Thing That's Real' , Neil Sanders

provided forgotten details and overlooked nuances in the Manson murder case. He included step by step timelines on Manson, some of which highlighted unbelievable acts from some of the most iconic names of the 1960's. Saging decades old narratives with logic and piecing together Los Angeles' corrupt legal system and Hollywood establishment, this interview was one of the most chilling one's that I've ever conducted and is a Must Watch.

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