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TRUMP Arrest, Blackouts & Martial Law

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

(Op-Ed) by DurtyQ 10.26.22


NO one can deny we are in unprecedented times. Never before has there been such a successful attempt at exposing and removing corruption from not just the United States but around the world.

Millions around the world are joining this movement with a view to a better world being drilled into their minds. Most of us would agree that one person has been largely instrumental in this exposure of the syndicate of people that are responsible for the degradation of all of our societies. Donald J Trump.

The opening of the eyes of the masses to issues ranging from child trafficking, money laundering and inappropriate behavior of career politicians, to overthrown foreign governments, endless wars and deliberate bio-weapon attacks is really starting to get on the nerves of those seeking to manipulate those masses for their own benefit.

The struggle is real. How do you stop this movement and return to a time where no one saw what you were doing? The simple answer is, you can’t. The genie is out of the bottle. But that’s not going to stop them from trying.

Right now, at this time, their biggest problem is the anticipated loss of power within the U.S Government. On November 8th, the people will be the judges of their crimes. the people will be the Jury and the executioner. In the minds of the corrupt, the head must be cut off this movement. No matter what it takes, Donald J Trump must be stopped from ever holding office again and his influence on the masses must be curtailed. He must be charged with a crime that will prevent his holding office and if at all possible cast doubt over his character so that the people will back away from supporting him.

Its either that, or assasination. Whatever is to be done, it must happen in the next two weeks.

We have all been watching as New York AG, Letitia James has tried and tried again to get him on anything possible only to fail each and every time. The best she has come up with is minor tax infringements linked to others around his business ventures in New York. This man is financially squeakier than Halloumi cheese.

Enter J6 Committee.

An entire operation set up with the pure focus being the arrest of Donald J trump. We all saw this past week that Nancy Pelosi had film crews pre organized that day. we've all seen the double standards surrounding this whole debarcle. The FBI infiltration, the Antifa involvement. none of which is being discussed in this ‘enquiry’. And meanwhile, any Patriot is punished under the full extent of Chinese law in D.C.

Now we hear that this ‘Committee’ has “made recommendations” to the DOJ to charge Mr Trump. Two weeks before the Mid Term Elections. Desperation has set in. The stage has been set. Steve Bannon has been sentenced in a show of Authority of the J6 committee. Trump is now firmly in the cross hairs.

What would the effects and repercussions be if Donald J Trump is arrested? What happens when the Champion of millions if not billions of people around the globe is arrested by a sham group of people who have for so long now been the peoples focus due to their own blatant corruption?

Answer? The people revolt! but it’s not going to be a conventional revolt.


The word has already been spread far and wide to revolt peacefully. The Vote is the weapon of choice. People know that much like Jan 6th, the object is to arrest as many supporters as possible. Enter Riots. Not riots by supporters, but riots manufactured to look like there's a civil war starting. Antifa, BLM, FBI will be in fine form taking to the streets, looting, burning yada yada… we've seen it all before.

But were getting smarter. Let the arrests happen. Encourage it. While we peacefully stand en mass in solidarity for our Champion. Stand by that drop box with your camera gathering Vitamin D don’t engage At all!!.If we don’t engage, the only people they can arrest are the provocateurs. The overpowering factor is numbers. Not violence.

It would seem that someone has anticipated this planned riot hood and is making preparations of their own. It has been discovered that there has been a massive increase this past week in troop movements across the continental United States. The influx in military personnel flights are not the ordinary flights we see before overseas deployments. these flights are terminating in cities all over the U.S . They're not linking to overseas deployment flights, rather, all flowing through Fort Briggs and then moving out not to military bases, but to cities. We have all seen the increase of military aircraft all over the country over the past month but this is different. This is troops and Martial law is coming!

Why Martial Law?

In anticipation of Donald Trumps arrest and the riots planned in conjunction with that event.


In my own opinion, I think this is ultimately a good thing. If troops had been supplied on Jan 6th, the whole setup would never have worked. This time they wont be prevented from sorting out the wheat from the chaff. If martial law is declared, obey it! let the enemy destroy themselves. Trust the military. Most importantly, Get out and VOTE however that may need to happen.Also anticipated at this point is a communication blackout.


There is a flood of information coming out that is leaking more than the Nord Stream pipeline. It must be stopped. There has been talk of satellites being targeted, talk of the internet cable linking the U.S and the U.K being targeted. I think both are a possibility and again, this needs to happen before the midterms to help in the fight to contain this unprecedented attack on those that have had control but are losing it rapidly.

This is an information war and the only way to stop an information war in its tracks is to take out the flow of information. The internet.

It is interesting to note that on Oct 20th 2022 (this week) there were three internet cables cut in the South of France and one cable between the northern coast of Scotland and Shetland island. While the scottish cut was reported to be the fault of a fishing trawler, the French cuts are 100% sabotage.

We can expect the same to happen in the U.S following the arrest of Donald Trump. This would add to the confusion of the masses and prevent patriots from standing in solidarity. It wont work of course. We already know the plan. But that will be the main intention, alongside stopping the flow of devastating disclosures approaching the midterms that expose all the Democratic candidates trying to hold on to their power.

Another possibility, is that forces on the side of the people will shut down communications. in this instance it would be to mask the arrests that are imminent under a Martial Law setting. When the Military holds trials, they shoot first and let the public know who they shot afterwards. No leaks until the job is done.

There are dark times approaching. You may lose all communication. Your champion will be arrested and the soldiers will be in the streets. Do not fear though. there are plans on both sides.

Stay calm!

Stay tuned!

And most importantly, STAY AWAKE!

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