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Turkey is Exposing the Deep State

(op-ed) by DurtyQ 11/16/22

First and Foremost, after diving into this rabbithole that is Istanbul. I feel the need to say I do not condone Terrorism and I do not condone Violence. My intent here is to highlight events which are unfolding and the background behind these events. I may however highlight similarities between the situation unfolding in Istanbul and what is unfolding before your very eyes in the land of Freedom. The mighty U.S.


The Conflicts


There are two main conflicts going on in Turkey. The first is between Turkey and Greece.

In 1974, then President of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis slighted the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan. During a speech at a G20 conference, Mitsotakis got up and left the dinner. Erdogan then responded by saying “I will never accept seeing him again” basically a “Youre dead to me“ statement. He followed this up with playing a song excessively on Turkish radio that included the words “I can come suddenly one night” I know, scary right?? Its almost like slapping a man with a glove! and it reminds me of my EX!

There has been strong tensions between the two countries over the years but recently Turkey has been stepping up its incursions on Greek territory. Violations of Greek airspace have increased fourfold over the past year.


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his People.

Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is at war with his people.

In 2016 there was a double bombing in Istanbul. At the Vodafone stadium, a car bomb went off and a suicide bomber activated a back pack. this attack killed 30 riot police and 8 Civillians. 166 were injured. According to main stream news this was carried out by

“TERROR SUSPECT” Militant group “T.A.K”!! aka Kurdistan Freedom Falcons.

The TAK are an offshoot from the “TERRORIST” group Kurdistan Workers Party.


The main stream media broadcast this event far and wide. The patriots are Urdegans enemy. The Patriots are the Terrorists. Sound familiar yet?

Theres more.

We just had another “Terrorist attack” in Instanbul. another bombing, not far from the 2016 one. a Father and his Daughter died. But don’t worry we detained the 47 suspects. An article from ‘The Sun’ Tells us that the main suspect is paraded before the cameras. a woman seen planting the backpack.

Right here I see a difference between the two attacks years apart. One was Targeted. This one was not. At least, not targeted for the PKK’s (Kurdistan Workers Party) grand plan.

The 2016 attack specifically targeted riot police. The enemy of the people, as seen by those people. The totalitarian Governments enforcement wing. The DOJ of Turkey.

This attack killed a Father and Daughter. My B.S meter is going off right now.

Breaking News. You would never guess it.

The U.S gets involved.

It would now seem that The U.S Government has been stirring the pot between Urdegan and his Patriots.

An article in the Express by THIBAULT SPIRLET we learn that Urdegans Interior Minister says:


“We know how it was coordinated and from Where.”

“We do not accept U.S Condolences. We reject them.”

“Our alliance with this state (U.S) must be of course Questioned.” “.....We no longer have the strength to endure this treachery.”


The Turkish Interior Minister is inferring that the U.S has provided intelligence to the PKK (Kurdistan workers party) The Minister looks above his usual suspect (and the enemy he has been stepping up against) and identifies the real perpetrator of this crime. What did we all call this crime at the start? TERRORISM.

Turkey is exposing the Deep State

Russia just exposed the Deep State with the Pipeline. UK and US. The U.S just keeps popping up doesn’t it?


Right now The Population in the U.S is on a knife edge.

We have all watched this week as an Election was stolen before our very eyes. One of our Champions was struck down in Arizona. We all waited with baited breath while DJT gave his big announcement only to be disappointed that still nothing is being done that we can see.

American Patriots are on the brink of becoming the PKK of America. War is hell. People are killed in war, Just like people were killed in Istanbul in 2016 and again this week. When a people have no remedy, the PKK is born. If the U.S Peoples Militia rises up against the Tyranny, this is how they will be treated and presented to the public as:


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