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real deal media shows

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Real News - Presented By Real People.


Hosts Dean Ryan, Kristen Meghan & Lisa Duthie bring world news back to Late Night Television 


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Find Your Own Truth is a fortnightly series hosted by husband and wife duo, Lisa & Jamie Duthie.


In each episode they will explore mysteries from this world... and beyond - investigating subjects such as hauntings, Aliens, Miracles, Secret Societies, Ancient Artefacts, Hidden History... and more!

No topic is off the table.... Are you ready to Find Your Own Truth?


Our Weekly Game Show Fringe Friday is the perfect way to finish the work week off in a lighthearted way, with a few good laughs along the way - Fringe Friday gives you the opportunity to call in and try to impress our panel of judges with your fringe to cringe theories.


Hosted By Dean Ryan & Lisa Duthie, with alternating panels of guest judges each week, we want to hear from you and hopefully your theory will outscore the others and you can nab yourself a Real Deal Media Mug or Shirt of your choice from our online store.

OIP (1).jpeg

True Crime casefiles is a deep dive into true crime cases from all across the world.


In the first half Lisa will go over the history of the case and in the second she is joined by guests to deep dive into the case and discuss the facts and give our opinions.


Every Saturday Evening we bring you our musical extravaganza - Saturday Night Showcase.


Narrated by our RDM Producer Dick Pangalla, this show gives a platform to independent artists and musicians to showcase their talents to our audience.



Chemistry With Kristen.jpg

Hosted By Kristen Meghan

The After Party.jpg

The Real Deal After Party is an exclusive weekly event for our members to delve deeper into the topics we have explored that week, ask the tea questions, and since its a party - have some fun along the way.


Hosted By Dean Ryan


In Underground Traffic we explore the various tunnel systems and underground networks around the world and investigate what they are really being used for.

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Hosted By Dean Ryan 


With Eyes on the Skies Dean investigates suspicious sightings from around the globe and try to determine who - or what they are.

Nights Of The Rond Table.jpg

A rotating panel of hosts will join you for nights of the round table, discussing various topics in a more chilled relaxed environment, giving thoughts, opinions and analysis on a multitude of different things, these Round Tables are exclusive members only broadcasts.

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