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Dean Ryan

Executive Producer / Host

World At WAR - LateNiteUpdate -
LastManLaughing -
Apocalyptic Dating - The Lounge

Dean Ryan is an Executive Producer, TV Presenter, Writer, Journalist and Musical Composer.

Having traveled the world at an early age and living in many different countries, Dean Ryan is a cultured explorer with an understanding of the human condition and the American spirit that allows the mind to dream.

He started his career as the creator and executive producer of the ‘Fashion Rock Show’, for which he later sold to Vh1’s ‘Fashion Rocks’ in 2013. Over the course of the next several years he became a news producer/contributer for Infowars, 21st Century Wire, Coast To Coast AM, NextNewsNetwork, News2Share and Natural News.

➔ 2012 ‘Fashion Rock Show’ featured at the London Olympia Arena
➔ 2014 Exclusive On-Scene coverage of the Sydney Hostage Siege for Next News Network.
➔ 2015 1st western reporter to cover the mass Cuban Refugee Crisis in Central America for Natural News.
➔ 4x Annual Keynote Speaker at the Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles
➔ 2016 Organized the ‘Tiny Houses for the Homeless’ Rally at Los Angeles City Hall
➔ 2017 Exclusive Reports on Las Vegas Massacre and the JonBenét Ramsey cold case.

  Revealed the identity of the alleged perpetrators in the Jon Benet Ramsey Cold Case.
 Produced and Hosted 'STAND' Las Vegas, an event to free political prisoners, the Bundy Family 
   & their supporters which garnished National Media Attention. 

 2018 Alongside Politico Roger Stone, achieved a full Donald Trump Presidential Pardon for
    the Hammond Family of Oregon. 

 2020 March 19th Started the 'Real Deal Report' first show to emerge during the start of the Global Lockdown. 
 December 2020 1st reporter to reveal US Cargo Ship build up due to China Strategic Aggression. 

➔ 2021 Unearthed a Trafficking Ring and FEMA Camp in Santa Ana, California in his film Underground Traffic
 3x Keynote Speaker alongside Health Ranger Mike Adams for 'Anarchapulco' in Mexico

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