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Canadian Gun Confiscation Begins

Updated: Oct 6

by Dean Ryan 10/06/23


On the march towards fascism, Canada's Federal Government has begun issuing revocation notices to gun owners across the region. This stealth and silent conquest to collect legal guns from law abiding citizens has been tried and tested throughout history. This is the pre-cursor to full totalitarian control.

Real Deal Media's Aaron Kates recently obtained a copy of the emails being sent by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to gun owners. Stating section 71 of the Firearms Act as the clear justification for requesting Canadians turn in their firearms, which includes a 30 day grace period for completion. (Above) Copy of Emails sent by the RCMP


REAL DEAL MEDIA Special Report with Dean Ryan (Full Show)

Coincidentally the revocation notices by the Federal Government have been issued on the heels of a convoy inspired march on Canada's Capitol of Ottawa. As things stand now, all Canadian citizens are currently able to watch Livestreams on Facebook, yet unable to view or share videos on the platform. In some cases, viewers alike are getting penalized for sharing RDM Shows as they are labeled "Mis-Information".

Another clear cut example of 21st Century Fascism setting a new precedent of what's to come. Real Deal Media intends to continue to stand with the Canadian people in this attack on North America, while continuing to cover this Plandemic War as it happens.


As new soul crushing shadowbans continue to impede on Independent media creators alike, a New Virtual Berlin Wall starts to surround Canada, gun confiscation begins. The shockwave of history repeats and the plight of the Canadian sends a shot across the bow to America, screaming Help!.. Those of us awake can hear you, as the millions of others are now realizing, This is More than a Virus... It's WAR!


About the author Dean Ryan is the Founder and Executive Producer of Real Deal Media He is also the host of World At WAR and contributing writer on REALDEALMEDIA.TV





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