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Exclusive: Dean Ryan Interviews Political Prisoner Stewart Rhodes (Video)

RDM Staff 6/30/22

"A Political Coup happened last Election"-Stewart Rhodes


Last night's World At WAR with Dean Ryan featured an EXCLUSIVE interview with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes. Currently Stewart is being held in Federal Prison via solitary confinement. While some in the Washing D.C. beltway consider a "domestic threat", in relation to January 6th. Many Americans outside the District of Criminals, view Stewart Rhodes as one of America's Political Prisoners being held without merit or rational cause. (Full Show)

Hear Stewart Rhodes in his own words being interviewed by RealDealMedia's Dean Ryan, while still in Federal Custody and solitary confinement. Exclusive Interview in Full (Video Below)

Catch Real Deal Media's #1 show World At WAR with Dean Ryan (Mon-Weds) 10pm EST Broadcasting LIVE on: RealDealMedia.TV - YouTube DeanRyanTV - Facebook TheRealDeanRyan

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