FOIA Request blows apart narrative on UK Covid Deaths, so why are people really dying?

A Freedom of Information Request (FOI) Ref: FOI/2021/324 made in the United Kingdom was recently responded to by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the results of this request have completely blown apart the narrative on the actual figures of Covid-19 deaths in the UK.

Reference: Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes – Office for National Statistics (

The main points garnered from the data in the FOIA taken from the Office of National statistics points out the following:

  • From 13 March 2021 to 7 January 2022 there were 127,704 excess deaths recorded above 5-year average in England and Wales (Not covid deaths just above average)

Reference: Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights – Office for National Statistics (

  • As of 19 January 2022, 152,872 have died within 28-days of a "positive test" therefore they are listed as having died "with" Covid, however when you bear in mind that apples, cans of Coca cola and other random inanimate objects that also get positive results with these unreliable tests this figure becomes practically meaningless.

Referenece: Deaths in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (

  • As of 19 January 2022, 174,233 death certificates mentions COVID-19 as a "contributory factor"

see Deaths in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (

Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes When you break this down the real data shows that for the period from the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 up to, and including Quarter 3 (September) in 2021 there were 17,371 deaths attributed solely to COVID-19 with 13,597 of them being people 65 or older and 3,774 in people aged under 65.

In 2021 the average age of death due to COVID-19 was 82.5 years old.

When you consider that the average life expectancy in the UK is 79.0 for males and 82.9 for females then the average age of death from Covid is actually higher than the UK average overall

Reference: National life tables – life expectancy in the UK – Office for National Statistics ( When you break these deaths down - however tragic for those lost and their families - they are not what one would class as abnormal, and actually fall in line with - or below the average yearly death toll from Influenza prior to the "pandemic", so whilst it is heartbreaking for the families of all of those lost, it is not anything abnormal when taken into context of normal yearly death.

Deaths in 2020 due to COVID-19 where there was no other underlying cause

  • Total – 9,400

  • 0 to 64 – 1,549

  • 65 and over – 7,851

Deaths in 2021 Quarter 1 due to COVID-19 where there was no other underlying cause

  • Total -6,483

  • 0 to 64 – 1,560

  • 65 and over – 4,923

Deaths in 2021 Quarter 2 due to COVID-19 where there was no other underlying cause

  • Total -346

  • 0 to 64 – 153

  • 65 and over – 193

Deaths in 2021 Quarter 3 due to COVID-19 where there was no other underlying cause

  • Total -1,142

  • 0 to 64 – 512

  • 65 and over – 630

What does this tell us?

Apart from the fact that we have been massively deceived by the mainstream media and the government, which should make all of us furious considering the restrictions, mandates, job losses, business collapses and deaths we have all suffered in the past two years and the sacrifices we made based upon a fallacy it also makes one stop and think, to go back to the first point referenced article....

From 13 March 2021 to 7 January 2022 there were 127,704 excess deaths recorded above 5-year average in England and Wales (according to ONS data)

... Why are these people dying?, why are their so many excess unnecessary deaths, 127,704 in less than ONE YEAR when the virus we have all been programmed to fear is not even responsible for 17,371 over 2 years - that means that the excess deaths NOT caused by the virus are over 86% higher than the deaths where Covid is responsible.

So what caused these excess deaths?

Figures coming out of a study recently published by the CAGE center at the University of Warwick showing there are currently an estimated 32,198 cancer patients who are not getting access to lifesaving treatment, and an estimated 4,000 excess deaths from other conditions because people were unable to get access to healthcare over the past two years, these are very conservative estimates the real figures could potentially be far greater but this is, or at least should be, alarming to everyone.

The study states "We estimate that, for the period from March 2020 to February 2021 alone, there have been at least 4,003 excess deaths of hospital patients in England that, if it were not for pandemic disruptions, would not have been expected to die." The study then continued by stating that the 4,003 figure was noted as a "lower-bound" - meaning the real figure is likely to be far higher.

The impact on Cancer treatment.

According to the report the disruption caused by the pandemic, also had a "significant negative impact" on cancer patients , with at least 32,189 people not getting cancer treatment after a decision was made to start.

It continued "We estimate that amongst detected urgent cancer cases, 53,068 people had their cancer care delayed past the NHS set goal" this is utterly unacceptable

Reference: CAGE Research Centre report on the impact of COVID on non Covid Related Healthcare. (Note: that this report takes into account the massively inaccurate figures on actual deaths from Covid 19 when making its comparisons - as referenced above the actual number of deaths is 17,371)

Suicide rates have increased exponentially

Multiple lines of evidence indicate that the impact of the pandemic has had profound psychological and social effects.

The psychological fallout of the pandemic will probably persist for months and years to come. Studies indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with distress, anxiety, fear of contagion, depression and insomnia in the general population and among healthcare professionals.

Young people in particular have found it extremely difficult to cope with being isolated from their friends, families and their their routines - add to that the constant fear porn being broadcast by the media 24/7 its not really surprising that the suicide rate in the UK, and indeed worldwide has increased massively.

People lost their jobs, they were deprived of the opportunity to be with loved ones when they died alone in hospitals, and then were restricted and not allowed to attend their funerals, they cancelled their weddings, worked from home and lost all social interaction, people in abusive relationships were now locked down inside abusive homes, whilst many women and children died at the hands of their abusers during this period, many also took their own lives seeing no end to their suffering and being completely isolated from any form of help.

Victims of abuse.

One of the most tragic outcomes of this fallacy is the children who were murdered at the hands of their abusive parents and "caretakers" during isolation. These children were failed. Six Year old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is one of these children (pictured).

Little Arthur suffered terribly at the hands of his father Thomas Hughes and his stepmother Emma Tustin. This beautiful innocent little boy was subjected to incomprehensible abuse in the weeks leading up to his death. He was tortured, force fed large quantities of Salt, beaten, starved and dehydrated, all whilst the country was in lockdown.

This little boy was trapped in a prison with his killers and taken away from all of the traditional safeguarding that could have prevented his death, he was not allowed to go to school, no social workers, health visitors etc were coming to peoples homes, neighbors would not have noticed his injuries as everyone was locked down, other family members had no access to the child to notice anything wrong. This little boy is dead because of over inflated figures peddling an agenda to the masses to get them to comply.

Arthur, however was not the only victim of the lockdowns, Little Star Hobson was just 16 months old when she bled to death after being kicked or punched with “massive” force by Savannah Brockhill, 28, in Keighley, West Yorkshiew, in September 2020.

The girl’s mother Frankie Smith, 20, who was Brockhill’s girlfriend, did nothing to protect or save her own daughter. In fact, on one occasion, she held Star’s head under water to stop her crying.

Another innocent child who was massively failed by a system that was completely shut down and left them trapped in the most abhorrent situations with their abusers, suffering torture, abuse and ultimately death, while the politicians and our prime minister who were the ones making these rules that put these children in these positions were busy having almost weekly parties and laughing at us because they knew the truth, they knew the real figures, but they didn't tell you that, neither did a complicit media.

They sat idly by while children like Star, Arthur and countless others across the world suffered needlessly and died. They felt zero remorse as they attended their parties as your loved ones died of cancer because they couldn't get treatment. They watched with massive smirks on their faces as their bank balances went through the roof due to their investments in big pharma while they continued to lie to you and peddle fear to make you believe, to make you go and get the vaccines that are making them richer, and then they closed their eyes and their mouths to the truth and refused to report on the people that died from adverse reactions to those same vaccines.

These are just the figures and cases from the United Kingdom... one little island whose size is smaller than most of the States in America - the overall losses due to this worldwide fallacy are growing higher every single day and yet still far too many are blinded by the fear they have been fed 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 years now. So blinded are they that they are failing to see the wood for the trees, failing to admit they have been lied to and still complying with this madness.

All 17,371 actual Covid deaths recorded in the UK over the past 2 years were tragic, equally as tragic as the yearly Influenza deaths we have all witnessed our entire lives without living in a constant state of fear, but no more tragic than the 127,704 deaths from other causes that could have been avoided if we had not been so focused on only those 17,371 deaths which were mainly in people in their 80s.

This has to end NOW - but the governments are not going to simply hand back the control over your freedom that you handed to them, you take it back by doing just that, taking it back. Stop complying, live your lives, end the madness, When the measures put in place to save lives are costing more lives than the virus they were put in place for to begin with then something is fundamentally and irreparably wrong with those measures and the system that put them in place.

These people have done nothing but lie to you, its well time to stop listening to the lies and take your lives back.

These people keep peddling the phrase "pandemic of the unvaccinated" - when in reality these excess deaths are not being caused by people who chose not to have a vaccine, these deaths are being caused by lies, greed and an overwhelming thirst for control.

Its a pandemic of Misinformation

Its a pandemic of Unnecessary Fear

Its the pandemic of Subjugation.

These people who perpetuated this lie are turning you against friends and family, people you have known and trusted your entire lives, by constantly drumming into your head that these people are a threat to you - Its time to wake up, because the only threat to your lives and your freedom are the people you are allowing to fill your head with lies.

This needs to end now - know your enemy - it is not who you have been led to believe it is.

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