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Russian Peace Offer Rejected by Finland

by Dean Ryan 4/9/2024


As fate would have it, Real Deal Media's intel share weeks ago via our UK Insider Forseti, indicates Finland's role in a geo-political take down of NATO. Originally we shared with you that behind the scenes communications were being held between Moscow and a 'Western Alliance' that entailed a negotiated conclusion for NATO. This final chapter entailed the option of a full scale invasion of Finland, through an un-official stand down order. The Russian Military Offensive would mark the symbolic end and inefficiency of the decades old North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Weeks later after divulging this blockbuster of an ending, so enters to the world stage Finland. A newly added member to the geriatric alliance of NATO, Finland has begun to beat the war drum where Ukraine and Israel have seemingly left off.. with far less fan fare or notice. Whether it's their propagandized promotion of their Arctic Military bases or their insistence that the US has their back during war-time scenarios, this third attempt to ignite WWIII is much limp wristed than ever before.


In recent days, from our intel source we reported that there has been an olive branch extended or a Vladimir Putin 'offer that you just can't refuse' placed on the negotiation table. This time, unlike Ukraine, it was a lucrative win win for Finland. Putin offered Finland an official pact of Non Aggression, a lucrative trade deal as well as joint military venture if they leave NATO. This Trade deal would have heavily benefited Finland... they declined.

(Finland President Alexander Stubb)

Sadly, Finland's President Alexander Stubb has chosen his and his country's fate unwisely. Like the drag-queen of Europe, Zelensky, and the war criminal from Israel, Netanyahu, Stubb will now do the long death march into the graveyard of irrelevancy.




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