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'Methodical Mayhem.. the Year that was 2021'

Entering 2021 there was a feeling of hope and reassurance that whatever it is we as people experienced in 2020, was soon to be a thing of the past. As time would tell, that feeling eventually brought regret and inspired mockery. All those wide eyed vagabonds would soon be put to test, not of just their faith,

but their perseverance and self-belief. Nobody was unscathed, from what a post-2020 world would bring.

Instead of listings the highs and lows of the News-Cycle and its revelations good, bad or indifferent, I can shed light on what a our new Apocalyptic Society brought on myself personally, professionally and repeatedly... Beautiful Chaos.

Heeding the suggestions of some and internal longing from thyself, returning to my hometown, Orange County, CA was in my per view to start off 2021.

Coming home gave me the will to carry on with hopeful aspirations. With close proximity to my long time friends and a certain love in my life, relocating back to Southern California, finally put the wind against my back.

Who could ask for anything more?

I started doing a new series, America At WAR, reaching upwards of 1.5k-2k LIVE viewers nightly, with the Huntington Beach a mile away. Reaching supernova heights in my first ever effort of doing a show on my own, the War-Post I've been entrenched in, only seemed to increase in importance. New viewers from around the globe joined my journey as I described World War III as it happened. Life as I knew it seemed to be balanced and getting better all the time, little did I know what 2021 had in-stored for me, would change me forever in more ways than one.

Between Censorship, Heartbreak, Death Defying scenarios, Betrayal, Success, Popularity and complete Lunacy... I survived what many endure in a 5 year time frame, in a 12mos period.

Surviving psychological warfare at every front wouldn't have been possible without the greatest cast to ever be assembled, Lisa Duthie, Kristen Meghan, Matthew Short, Jamie's Life Matters, JSpop, Dick Pangallo, Ms. Cheryl, Det. Cagney, Tammy Clark, Aaron Kates, TJ, Producer Jessie, Tim Macleod, Danielle Alvis and Andi. These talented individuals have changed my life in oh so many ways. In the same breath, all of us at Real Deal Media have been blessed to have had the most effective audience in the world remain in our corner every step of the way in 2021. As 2022 now begins, and yet again we face more tragedies internally at Real Deal Media I can only think that the virtual crutch of You (the audience) keeps us steady and determined through this darkness.

My introspective tendencies go into overdrive and I began to Think

We are merely reflections and shades of each other. We were all born for this time in World History. No matter what country you call home, side of the political isle you reside, cryptic chat boards you read, unique accent you speak, age you possess or amount of knowledge you withhold.. We are still with you because, You Are One of Us. Happy New Year and See You Again Down the Road. Until the End, Dean Ryan

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Unknown member
Jul 16, 2022

Security is a personal endeavor. Freedom is a universal endeavor.

Let not the fog of deception deter your pursuit of happiness.

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