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The King Charles 'Suicide'

Updated: Jan 24

by Dean Ryan 1/22/24

On last night's REALDEALMEDIA Special Report host Dean Ryan welcomed back to the show, UK Whistleblower,

Forsetti, who's last On-Air appearance was January 6th 2021, has shared some big reveals over the years. From the dirty bombs hidden throughout England to the reveal of the next UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. were amongst the heavy handed reveals, all captured in the RDM Film Jan 6th ..As It Happened (Watch Here)

Where is Charles?


The UK insider, deeply entrenched inside Parliament, shared heavy intel drops regarding King Charles Suicide-Epstein Island - WEF NATO's next War on the horizon,and what countries the EU are handing over to Russia & China.


The Royal Monarchy Final Act

The Epstein connections could be the real Virus in this Plandemic war. His ties run deep with many names yet to be revealed. Historians alike won't have to wait long to declare what's right before our eyes, Devolution. As the false idols and institutions continue to expose their hypocricy and unapologetic treason, will 2024's Black Swan Moment be the announcment that Majority of the world elites Are No Longer Living?


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