Whoops they did it again! The Wuhan Lab and Monkeypox.

Written By Lisa Duthie

The Wuhan Institute Of Virology that was at the midst of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox (shock horror)

This research included making it more lethal to humans, whilst also developing a PCR test for it which they announced in February 2022 (which would be massively profitable if there were to be: say a world wide outbreak of this random virus) all if this according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Viroligica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in back February. Read The Full Paper HERE

In the study published Feb. 22 a team of 9 Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers documented how they utilized a technique to assemble two critical genes for use in monkeypox detection in PCR.

Using transformation-associated recombination (TAR), a method of utilizing a special characteristic found in yeast that allows for exogenous DNA fragments to be recombined and isolated, the Wuhan Institute was able to combine the E9L gene of pan-orthopoxviruses and the C3L gene of the Congo Basin clade of the monkeypox virus for use in quantitative PCR testing.

The Study states “Monkey poxviruses (MPXVs) are large DNA viruses with reported genome sizes ranging from 190,083 to 206,372 bp in length. As a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae, MPXV is subdivided into the West African and Congo Basin clades, The latter is more pathogenic and has been reported to infect humans in various parts of the world, Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is the gold standard for the detection of orthopoxvirus (including MPXV).”

In the process, researchers explain that TAR “has become essential for preparing infectious clones of large DNA/RNA viruses,” serving as an “efficient tool for assembling large DNA fragments up to 592 ​kb in length.”

But they also cautioned that TAR is powerful, they cite a study from 2017 that was also conducted by Wuhan researchers- which can be found here - which showed it could be used to assemble a totally synthetic baculovirus from scratch.

Additionally, the Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists cited another study which was published in 2020 - which can be found here - that demonstrated TAR was used to “successfully assemble the full-length cDNA clone of SARS-CoV-2,” (the virus that causes Covid 19), in under a week.

In 2018 researchers from the University of Alberta working at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology were funded by Tonix Pharmaceuticals to “synthesize a full-length horsepox virus genome and recover it into an infectious virus,” said the WIV scientists. These studies were eventually suspended by the Canadian government in 2021 see this article for more details - this was a full three years later however.

In the qPCR study, the Wuhan Institute’s scientists stated, “This DNA assembly tool applied in virological research could also raise potential security concerns, especially when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen.”

Based on this, the team then continued, “In this study, although a full-length viral genome would be the ideal reference template for detecting MPXV by qPCR, we only sought to assemble a 55-kb viral fragment, less than one-third of the MPXV genome.”

“This assembly product is fail-safe by virtually eliminating any risk of recovering into an infectious virus while providing multiple qPCR targets for detecting MPXV or other Orthopoxviruses,” they concluded. How convenient that they added that insurance policy into their paper.

Despite the insurance the timing of the study, however, most certainly raises massive alarm bells. Considering the WIV’s involvement in the creation of the SARS COV2 virus and the timing of the study’s release just months before this now worldwide outbreak of a bizarre variant of monkeypox unlike any ever seen before.

When even CNN cannot cover up this one as new US intelligence reports confirm that employees at the WIV were falling ill and being hospitalized in 2019 from Covid - article here - one must wonder how the CCP defending body known as the WHO are going to deal with this now second "coincidence" that the self same laboratory who created Covid 19 have also been working on Monkeypox and developed a PCR test for it just prior to the first cases being reported around the world.

Now as of today the UK Government and other EU nations are preparing vaccination plans in order to contain this monkeypox outbreak, which is predominantly affecting Gay and Bisexual men and seems to have morphed into a sexually transmitted disease, something that would not occur naturally, but is not outwith the realms of possibility from a lab created pathogen.