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99 Chinese Balloons & the Israeli Iron Dome

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

by Dean Ryan 2/6/23

The recent hysteria of the Chinese Spy Balloons spotted in Montana, USA and South America have come at the most convenient time, when a War with China is trying to be sold to the American people and majority of the West. While the EU, WEF and the CCP alongside the "Biden Administration" are seemingly getting bad publicity like never before, these nefarious groups are taking desperate measures to stop an emerging adversary from forming, and thwarting their global domination of BRICS.

(photo cred the Great Seth Black)

The so-called "Weather Balloon" making appearances in Montana and other regions in Latin America


"History shows that balloons have always been the precursor to World War"


Why War? The further we look, we learn that there are two Chinas, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Xi Xi Ping's China (People's Republic). More to come on that front soon!

If BRICS is the rebuttal to the Great Financial Reset and the One World Govt. then the power structure whose itinerary is authored by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

would need a War conflict to stop Xi Xi Ping and the other leaders of the nation states from succeeding. The average person cannot differentiate the contrast between the CCP vs. Xi Xi Ping's China, it would make the most sense to start a war with the People's Republic of China via Taiwan/US. To note, over 91% of the CCP do not reside in their own homeland.


Canada's Plot Against America with the Israeli Dome Defence System

Why would Canada purchase an Israeli Dome Defence System? If we now know that the country of Hungary purchased the Israeli Iron Dome in preparation to exit the EU and thwart any military interference by NATO, then it's safe to say, Canada, who's allegiance is to Globalism, has nefarious plans on the horizon.

Canada who is currently harboring U.N. and other foreign Troops (CCP) in their borders, in addition to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, "The of Whore Havana" looks to be the launching pad to any and all NATO allied troops. The greatest threat to such a formation would be a fully re-vamped Nation State, America. The Israeli Iron Dome purchased by Canada in 2016 would grant them the protection they would need in the event the US Military is green lit to clean out the Canadian Govt. Canada is centrally located to the Michigan entry ways that would give them the access needed to occupy the middle of America. Considering the coastal cities have been fully engulfed with ideological subversion (Communism) and vacant due to economic downturns, the Great Hesitance to the not-so Great Reset has been Middle-America.


Supplying Ukraine with Weapons of WAR


Understanding that majority of what we have witnessed via the CIA controlled US Media, consisting of satellite feeds filtering thru Pentagon Satellites, we now see the CGI infused Ukrainian War losing its public support. Tis' the season to sell a New War.. CHINA

what about all the Wealth and Treasure given to Ukraine?

Knowing now that the tactics and procedures of the Iraq War placed on the Iraqi people behest of the US Military, soon came home to be placed on the American people.. i.e. Occupy Wallstreet - Police Arrest Procedures - Federalization of Police - New Police Tech - Spy Drones - Can We expect that to come to a neighborhood near you? With certainty, money laundering and arms races helped fueled the urgency to support Ukraine in their efforts to fight the Russians.

If history has revealed how the military industrial complex conducts business, then we will soon be used to stop the awakening of the sleepy giant called America?

The answer is YES. The number one objective in a communist revolution is to achieve their goals of a complete take-over By Any Means Necessary. It's one thing to read about Communism in the history books, it's another thing to recognize it's presence in it's current corporate form.. and prepare our people for the inevitable.. WAR

Excerpt from World At WAR with Dean Ryan (Monday - Weds 10PM EST )

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