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Darkside of OZ Final Edition

RDM Staff 12/2/23

Darkside of Oz by Dean Ryan (Final Edition)

-Premieres Tonight 10PM EST

on Rumble CLICK HERE


"A Hidden Fusion of Fantasy & Musical Allure"

This is the third and final version of Darkside of Oz `combines Pink Floyd's 1973 iconic Album 'Darkside of the Moon' synced with 1939's fantasy classic The Wizard of Oz'. Also features Remixed / Remastered Pink FloydAlbum Tracks + Original Art Enhancements by Dean Ryan


"This film ranks right up there, as one my greatest achievements to date. Escapism at it's finest. Created during a dark time in my life, I hydroplaned into another dimension working on it.. and have yet to return" - D.R.

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