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World Premiere of 'The Great Global Turning'

by RDM Staff 08/18/23



Real Deal Media's Dean Ryan and Mike Adams of Natural News/Brighteon return to form in a new presentation titled, The Great Global Turning Premiering Saturday August 19th 10PM EST On all RDM related platforms. (See Below) Originally produced for a private event in Thailand, the one hour virtual discussion leaves little to the imagination, yet fuels the theater of the mind. In signature style, producer Dean Ryan conveys his moods through bold illustrations, ambient music and dream sequences of eras gone by, all highlighted accordingly in the one hour special. Mixed with Mike Adams on point insight of global politics and Chinese culture, the fusion of the two magically flows throughout the presentation. Riddled with dynamics, The Great Global Turning briefly pays tribute to the world renown beaches of Thailand and showcases some of the culture of the Far-East region. Having covered subjects like the CCP and the U.S. Dollar Collapse in talks prior, the addition of historical footage and narratives to the storyline provides a much needed context to these complexed timelines. (ex. Japan's Surrender on a US Naval Aircraft in 1945)


Mike Adams (left) and Dean Ryan (right) on set filming


In today's 24hr News-Cycle, people are inundated with the topic of the Global Reset via mundane approaches and practices. The less than memorable experience to anyone paying attention is often forgotten as the next crisis is born. The take away as a viewer, is more confusion and fear. Very few show hosts are willing to challenge the rules of engagement and leave the comfort zones of expression. In closing, somewhere in the middle, two guys, who may be deemed worlds apart on merit, can effortlessly collaborate on topics while enticing viewers to visualize, feel and understand what can be described as The Great Global Turning.


The Great Global Turning Premieres Saturday August 19th 10PM EST on YouTube - Facebook - rumble

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