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Life On Mars: Remembering the 1970's-OUT NOW-

by RDM Staff (June 4th 2023)


The much anticipated two part series 'Life On Mars: Remembering the 1970's' is Out Now. Over the weekend Parts 1 & 2 premiered to a big LIVE audience on Rumble. This Real Deal Media Special Presentation is a return to form as it features

Executive Producer Dean Ryan's musical montage of -Reconstructed - Remastered - Remixed - versions of some the most iconic songs/LIVE footage of the 1970's. The two part series is infused with original Art from UK Artist Angie Connor + a roundtable symposium of interviews conducted by Dean Ryan featuring RDM Cast Det. Cagney - Cindy Lou - Dick Pangallo and Jim Fetzer Ph.D. All together this will offer the viewer a RealDeal look a back at the Decade that was the 1970's.


Watch the Full Shows (below)

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