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BREAKING: US Military Prepares for Imminent EMP Attack

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

by Dean Ryan 3/29/23 Just hours ago, I had received a call from a close confidant who relayed intel from a 2 Star General in the U.S. Army. The intel consisted of an imminent EMP Attack, sponsored by China/Russia headed towards the states. This alleged attack is anticipated to hit the United States in a 90 day time frame. As a result of this imminent EMP offense, the Army General stated everyone should anticipate an increase of 30% to all goods and services as this 'Event' approaches.


What is an EMP?


An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a burst of energy that can destroy electronic devices. This can be caused by a natural event, such as a lightning strike, or by man-made means, such as a nuclear explosion blast. How Survive an EMP Attack? (Click Here)


Ballistic Missile Defense System

(Sea-based X-band Radar in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii) A notice of major military movement stemming from Hawaii, came to my attention. Hawaii which has seen some real landmark military movement as of late, for which hasn't been seen since WWII. The massive US Military movement the locals witnessed was the Sea-based X-band Radar, aka Ballistic Missile Defense System. This massive military Sea-Based machinery was on the move from its residency at Pearl Harbour to an undisclosed location. The Military Radar system is a floating, self-propelled, mobile active electronically scanned arrayearly-warning radar station. Something is happening Real Deal Media will continue to cover this developing story as it happens and when it happens. Sea-based X-band Radar in motion (video below)

World At WAR with Dean Ryan (Full Show)

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