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Unions Strike to Stop Weapons for Israel

by Dean Ryan 11/14/23

On Oct. 31st in an unexpected plot twist developed, as seven of the major Belgium airport unions galvanized together and began to strike in solidarity against the transfer of weapons heading to Israel. In an official statement titled: 'Refusal to transport military material destined for war in Palestine' (see below) the unions expressed their dismay and refusal to continue to aid and abet the Israeli conflict by participating in the transfer of weapons via their airports.

While the calls for cease-fire have been met with deaf ears and followed by the labeling of Anit-Semite or Anti-Israel to anyone who opposes Israel's escalation of war on Gaza.

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Earlier this year there were already planned strikes by 800,000 members of Israeli Unions — stemming from health, transit, banking and other fields towards

PM Netanyahu and his regime.

Union members were against Netanyahu's attempted overhaul of the Israeli Gov't by trying to replace the entire judicial branch with his hand own picked judges.

“This is the last chance to stop this move into a dictatorship,” said Union Member Matityahu Sperber.

Until the deadly "Stand Down Orders" of Oct. 7th, Israel was facing their greatest domestic crisis in all of its history. Now that crisis, ironically, is nothing but a faded memory, as war is being the justification to give the Netanyahu regime War-Time Powers to arrest dissidence, spy on their citizens, paint opposition as Terrorist Sympathizers and usher in World War III.

As disenfranchised European Workers Unions continue to survive through EU Gobal initiatives, their integrity and steadfast unity could help put a stop if not momentary pause to the Israeli conflict.


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