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Suspicious Skies (Military Aircraft & Ships on the Move)

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

by Dean Ryan (10/4/22)

The reported military aircraft across U.S. cities has reached a fever pitch. Many Americans including myself have heard the Apache Helicopters all the way to fighter jets themselves tread along the skies, all hours day and night. I have even equated the sound to that of scud missiles being launched from a very high altitude beyond the grasps of the naked eye. (Below) footage captured earlier today in Alabama by RDM Member Davida Williams

Who are these jets and Where are they heading?

(Below) Four Maps of Ships all along USA, Australia, Taiwan and the Ocean East of Shanghai China. "Take note that there are pretty much no Grey arrows or dots around USA or Australia." (Courtesy of DurtyQ)

"Now look at Taiwan and the ocean outside Shanghai. The grey are "non specified ships."

"Do you recall the exercise China did a couple months ago utilizing civilian Vessels? it was an "invasion of the U.S" exercise which followed leaked info regarding the use of 'Row Rows' to launch an invasion. If these 'Unspecified ships start moving towards either the U.S or Australia, Its full on WAR. As it stands now, it would seem that Taiwan has been surrounded." - DurtyQ


World War III is starting to grin it's teeth more and more by the hour. Real Deal Media will stay on this case as this Plandemic War accelerates into it's next phase.

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