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The 'Big Event' is looming

by Dean Ryan 22.7.22

Something appears to be looming... In addition to recent events involving CERN and the Georgia Guidestones, the chatter of a major Nuclear Event or Extraterrestrial Disclosure has ramped up. Extreme weather and public uprisings in European and Asian countries, the U.N. signed a resolution alongside the World Economic Forum to accelerate the process of Agenda 2030. Starting with the "Green Initiatives" overhauling the oil industry keeping America (Last of the Super Power Nation States), the WEF needs to obtain their objectives now before they lose more global influence.


A Breaking Press Release from the US' DOD (Dept. of Defense) has just now come to light in the wake of Biden's EO to overhaul US Oil Companies falling flat of completion. Full Press Release (Click Here)


Speculation on what this big event could be has sparred much chatter from Stock Market Crash, WW3, UFOs, Nuclear Fallout to even the Return of Trump. Whatever the closing act will be, brace yourselves.

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